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1 Day Late Credit Card Payment Effect On CIBIL

1 Day Late Payment Effect On CIBIL

One Day, OK

We have a question today submitted through the CreditSmart app about late payments.

Dear CreditSmart,

If any cause one day late I payed my creditcard bill it will be effective in cibil?


Hi Renuka, the short and sweet answer here is NO. In general, if your payment is just one day late the worst you might incur is a late fee in accordance with the terms of your credit card. However you most likely will not have to worry about a decrease in CIBIL. Most credit card issuers will only report non-payment to CIBIL if you go 60 days without making any payment at all. Late payments are viewed much differently than making no payments at all. But just to be sure, remember your billing due date and don’t miss it 🙂

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