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2017 Bajaj World Max Credit Card Review

Traveling With The Bajaj World Max Card

Are you looking for a viable financing solution in the form of Bajaj credit cards? The credit card market is full of numerous different types of credit card providers with the most bizarre and unusual specifications and interest rates. Therefore, it can get a little tricky to lay hands on the most suitable credit card to address your financing needs. In this article, we are thus offering a Bajaj World Max credit card review, which contains the most prominent and note-worthy features of this unique card for your handy knowledge.

Benefits of the Bajaj World Max Credit Card

  • Welcome gift

Cardholders of Bajaj World Max SuperCard gets 12, 000 reward points on spending Rs. 2,000 in 60 days of their card activation.

  • Rewards program and milestone benefits

Bajaj World Max cardholders can earn 2 points on every Rs.100 spent through their credit card. Moreover, cardholders get 1,500 worth milestone rewards on spending Rs. 25,000 monthly. On reaching a milestone of Rs. 50,000, they receive additional 1,000 points each month.The redemption rate of one reward point is Rs.0.25. The reward rates range amid 0.5% and 5%.

  • Fuel surcharge waiver

The World Max credit card offers users monthly fuel surcharge waivers up to Rs.150 for filling your fuel tank at any station. Every purchase transaction between Rs. 500 and Rs. 4,000 using this credit card is eligible for a fuel surcharge waiver.

  • Movie rewards

With this card, you get one movie ticket free or Rs. 200 off, whichever is lesser on BookMyShow bookings, once a month.

  • Dining offers

Card members save 5% on selected dining expenditures with 20 reward points on each Weekend expenditure of Rs. 100 and 10 points for other days, up to 1,000 reward points each month.

  • Access to domestic air lounge 

Cardholders receive 6 domestic air-lounge complimentary access.

Fees and Charges of the Bajaj World Max Credit Card

  • Annual and Joining Fees

Annual joining fees: Rs. 2,999 (2nd year onwards)

  • Finance charges

The charges are applicable when the monthly due payments are not made by the grace interest-free period of  50 days. Hence, on missing a designated dead line for paying the monthly fees in the endowed grace period, a cardholder is charged a month-wise interest of 3.5% or 42% per annum. If payments are still outstanding, there won’t be any grace time in the next month. This can also affect the cardholder’s CIBIL score and credibility.

  • Cash advance fees

The transaction charges for making cash withdrawal is 2.5% of the money withdrawn or the minimum fee charged is Rs. 100. Such charges are valid for withdrawal on all ATMs in India and abroad.

  • Over-limit penalty

The over limit penalty is pertinent if one has exceeded the highest credit limit allocated to the cardholder. These charges are up to 3% of the over limit sum or Rs. 500, whichever is higher. Hence, the least penalty is Rs. 500 on exceeding the credit limit.

  • Delayed payment fees

Late payment fee is charged when payments are not made on the due date. Overdue payment charges is at 15% rate of the entire due amount within Rs. 350 to Rs. 1000.

  • Overseas currency  transactions

Through the Bajaj World Max redit card, one can make expenses in further currency excluding, Rupees anywhere around the globe. These fees would be charged at a markup of 3.5% of the amount in transaction.  Such cross-border transactions are linked with only US dollars. Thus, any expense in other currencies is initially converted to dollars and subsequently markup on the converted sum is calculated.

The bottom line

The Bajaj World Max credit card is a useful tool for those who travel regularly. It can provide good rewards and deals across India and abroad. In addition, this credit card has further advantages as well, such as a welcome gift, best rewards, milestone rewards every month, and easy cash withdrawal.

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