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3 Great Credit Cards For NRI’s (2017)

3 Great Credit Cards For NRI's (2017)

 NRI’s Offered Excellent Card Options

With more and more Indians working abroad thanks to the IT boom, credit cards are turning out to be of immense use. Credit cards designed for NRIs help them to spend without any hassle both abroad and in India. The NRI cards are unique as the remittances involved in NRI transactions adds up significantly to the national income. Here are three of the popular NRI credit cards that have impressed with their striking features:

NRI Platinum SBI Credit Card

This card is provided to a NRO or NRE SBI customer with a term deposit that is over 1 lakh. This international card has excellent benefits and outstanding savings via currency conversions, credit card surcharges and traveller’s cheques.


Beneficial features

Accessible mode of payment is provided all over the country for all types of spending including dining, shopping and all other credit card spending.

A cash back of 2% is offered on all international spends including everything from shopping for clothes and furniture to buying souvenirs

Sufficient travel insurance cover for passport loss, delays in flights and hijacking

Payments options are flexible and range from minimum to a maximum amount of the credit, while the remaining due is carried to the next payment at 1.99% interest rate.

Add on or supplementary card provision for children, siblings and family, provided they are over 18 years of age.

Annual charges/fees:

The initial joining amount in INR 1,500 and Annual Fee is INR 1,500.


NRI Royale Signature (Kotak Credit Card)

The Royale Signature NRI card from Kotak is specifically created for Indians residing abroad. The card includes splendid deals and excellent rewards including a fantastic 2x reward on all international spends as against spending done in the country.

Beneficial features

Earn one reward point for every INR 200 you spend inside the country. One such reward point equals 1 Air Mile.

Redemption of the points is automatically done once in every 3 months

Complimentary Airport Lounge access all over the country with comfortable sitting, meals, TV screens etc.

Waiver on fuel surcharge of 2.5% for fuel charges ranging from 400 INR to 4,000 INR in all petrol stations is allowed with maximum amount allowed being INR 4,500

The card also offers waiver on railway surcharge of 1.8% for online booking and 2.5% on transactions done at booking counter in Indian Railways.

Fraudulence protection of INR 2, 50,000, against illegal use of card for a maximum of 7 days before the fraud is reported.


Additional charges/fees

The card carries an annual fee of INR 1,000

For each add on card issued, a 500 INR is charged exclusive of taxes.


International Visa Card from Union Bank

The International Visa Union Bank card provides a secure and easy spending online and at the physical outlets worldwide. The card is also used for cash withdrawal from ATMs. Only Union Bank Account holders can become a card member.

Beneficial features:

Lucrative spending limit of 20% of gross salary

Flexible payments

Personal Insurance Protection offered free for primary as well as supplementary or add on card members

100% fuel surcharge waiver for purchase of fuel from INR 400 to INR 4000, provided the minimum transaction done every time is INR 400

The Union Bank card has no renewal, annual or joining fee, which is a big plus as this is a feature that no other card offers. It is easy to save a considerable sum when using the Visa International card from Union Bank.

While there are plenty of credit cards available in different categories, finding a credit card designed exclusively for NRIs are not easy to come by. Nevertheless the above three cards promise great features, splendid usage benefits and rewards making them ideal choice for NRIs.

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