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5 Reasons To Have An American Express Card

5 Reasons To Have An American Express Card

More and More People Choosing American Express Cards In India

American Express offers some of the most brilliant credit card services on the planet. It is no wonder that owning an American Express credit card is seen as a novelty and looked upon with reverence by most of the people. Yet, we must understand if having such an over hyped credit card is truly worth it, or if it is nothing but an impressive public relations campaign that has made us associate the brand with real benefits.

So, to help you further understand if American Express credit cards are truly the best credit card for you, here are five different reasons that prove that American Express credit cards stand above the rest when it comes to card services. You feel more protected as a consumer with these strong measures:

Lost card liability

American Express credit cards offer some of the best safety features that no other credit card does in the world. Your money is completely safe with American Express, even if your card is lost or stolen. Once you report your card, its liability is completely zero, and it is only limited to a maximum of rupees one thousand if you haven’t reported it.

So, even if you do find some fraudulent transactions on your American Express credit card, there is simply nothing that you should worry about. They process your requests much faster since they do not use any third party networks in their processing, authorizing and settling your transactions.

Emergency card replacement

Having a credit card is automatically much safer than having cash with you. Because without the chip and pin, the card is nothing more than a worthless piece of plastic. And if you do end up losing your credit card, you can simply order a replacement. With any other credit card company, the replacement process can be tedious and quite tiring.

But with American Express, you can be anywhere in the world and yet you will receive your credit card in under forty eight hours. So, go on with your life without a single worry and know that American Express has got your back.

Brilliant customer support

The customer support service that American Express provides is completely unparalleled. Regardless of time of the day that you call, you can be sure to be greeted by enthusiastic voices that are ready to help. They will understand your problems and do their all to solve it. In fact, many a times their customer support goes beyond what is expected of them and they make sure that you face no inconvenience at all. For example you can redeem MR points right over a phone call and that too in just a minute!

Breathtaking offers

American Express is known to give the best offers to their customers. And not just that, they will also notify you over emails about all of their offers on time so that you can make the best of them. Here are a few offers that they have offered in the recent times:

  • MMT offers on domestic hotels
  • 10% cash-back option on Amazon
  • You can get rupees 2500 off on Airbnb

They also keep on renewing their offers all the time to entice more customers.

Car insurance benefits

The car insurance benefits that come by using American Express are immense. You can receive 65% off on the car insurance renewals if you shift to Bharti AXA with an American Express card. Who else gives such amazing offers?

So, there are just a few reasons why American Express has been growing it’s loyal fanbase in India. All of these benefits can be yours if you obtain an American Express credit card.

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