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American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card Rises Above The Rest

American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card Rises Above The Rest

American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card: Enjoy a multitude of offers and privileges like never before

The American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card (MRCC) is a strong offering from American Express. American Express is reputed for its extensive credit card range that let members earn points quickly. Whether it is air miles, easy bill payments, shopping discounts or managing account, American Express provides real value to all its cardmembers.

True to the American Express guarantee of allowing cardmembers to enjoy luxurious benefits, the Membership Rewards Credit Card delivers perks aplenty with many rewarding features. Let us look at the various salient points that cardmembers stand to benefit from using the card.

An Overview

The Membership Rewards points are the most prominent benefit. A cardmember earns 1 Membership Rewards point for each Rs.50 he or she spends on except for expenditure towards fuel, utilities, cash transaction and insurance.

The card carries a 1st year fee of Rs.1000 exclusive of taxes and Rs. 4,500 from the second year. Contactless payment feature is integrated, which is indicated by the contactless network symbol featured on the back and front of the card. For purchases that are below Rs.2000, this feature can be availed. It enables payment transactions without use of PIN or signature at selected terminals.

Feature highlights of American Express Membership Rewards Credit card

To fully understand the benefits offered by the MRCC let’s look at the highlights:

Bountiful bonus Membership Rewards points

The Membership Rewards offered begins from the first Rs.50 you spend and multiplies exponentially allowing you to reap rich benefits on continuous use of the card.

  • 4,000 bonus points as part of Membership Rewards is offered when you use the card at least 3 times within the initial 60 days of availing the membership and after payment of the annual fee for membership
  • 1,000 Bonus points when you use your card for a minimum of 4 times with transactions amounting to Rs.1000 or more each month
  • 5,000 bonus points will be credited to your account in a span of 90 days of renewing your card. This applies when you renew your card at the end of the first year of becoming a cardmember, after you pay annual fee for membership.

The redeem points feature is a veritable treasure of goodies that every cardmemeber would be delighted with. Cardmembers get to choose from the stunning gold collection of 24 carat and 18 carats on earning reward points up to 24,000 and 18,000 respectively. Options on the 24 carat gold collection includes INR 13,000 worth Good Earth gift card, Amazon gift cards and INR 10,000 worth of statement credit. 18 carat offer is inclusive of BOSE SoundLink speakers, vouchers from Tanishq, luxury stay at WelcomHeritage hotels and INR 7,500 worth of statement credit. Redemption points do not stop with the gold collection. Cardmember have the flexibility to choose how they redeem their points as American Express offers more than 500 options that including leading hotels, airlines, electronics and much more.

Travel, dine and shop to your heart’s content

Cardmember can also use the redeem points when they dine and shop at select partners of American Express. If you are a frequent flier, the points can also be converted into Air Miles to enjoy the complimentary flight offers.

Cardmembers also stand to benefit from travel bookings done via



Membership privileges at American Express

Some important privileges you get to savor as card member include

  • Convenience and flexibility of credit card payments either in full or as partial amount.
  • EMI offer is also available, which you can use to convert the money you spend into easy instalments that can be paid in parts without having to worry about full payment upfront.
  • Get up to 20% discount on your restaurant bills, when you dine in one of the chosen restaurant partners of American Express.
Bottom Line

From the eligibility criteria it is clear that this card is for those who earn over 6 lakhs annually. The various features are of tremendous use to those who travel abroad or within the country frequently, or for those who charge routine monthly expenses. With splendid points earning features and strong support, the American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card has pleasure written all over it. The Membership Rewards Credit Card is all around spectacular and comes strongly recommended. You can watch out for more on the MRCC in our next article. Apply Now! Apply Here!

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