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Ask CreditSmart: How Do I Improve My CIBIL Score from 580 to 700?

Improving Your CIBIL By 100+ Points Is Not A Quick Endeavor

We get lots of email everyday from people looking to improve their CIBIL score. Some just want a small boost from 750 to 800, but many others have much further to go such as our reader Sunil who writes:


Hi dear,

I am writing this mail to concerning my cibil score which is affect my carrier.i will join in bank job and there is some slab to clear the job.CIBIL i have 580 score and there is need of 700 please give me some help for improve my score asap i need alot for the job.i took 2-3 loan gold and other but still there is no due pendi g and now loan  is reflecting on my cibil.
sunil ******
Hello Sunil! Boosting your score by over 100 points is never an easy fix. The frustrating part is how easy it is to crash your CIBIL into the ground with just a few missteps, but how difficult it is to bring it back up. The system is unfair at times, but it’s important to play the game since your credit will impact every aspect of your life at some point.

Change Habits

The best thing you can do is begin changing your spending habits. Find purchases in your everyday life that you can pay with a credit card. If you start making more small purchases on your card that you would normally pay with cash, you will have more credit activity for CIBIL to rank you on. The key second step is to pay off your credit card balance in full each month to establish a positive repayment history. This combination of charging and paying will show CIBIL and the lender that you are responsible with your credit line.

Consider a Second Card

Also, once your CIBIL score has improved a bit, it might be wise to get a second credit card and just not use it very often. By doing this your CIBIL report will show you as having a larger amount of available credit. If your spending stays the same but your available credit limit raises, you will have a much more attractive credit utilization ratio. If you have a lot of credit, but do not use much of it, that also shows financial restraint and responsibility which CIBIL values.

Checking For Errors

Finally, errors on your CIBIL report can also hurt your score. ALWAYS make sure your report is free of errors by getting your CIBIL report at least once per year directly from CIBIL. If an error is spotted, you can follow steps to correct it.

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