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Ask CreditSmart: Was My Axis Bank Credit Card Approved?

Ask CreditSmart: Was My Axis Bank Credit Card Approved?

Congratulations! You Were Approved….Right?

We get a lot of emails like this one wondering about the status of credit card applications, take a look.

I have applied for axis bank credit card and i have received below sms
on 06/09/2018.

“Congratulations, welcome to Axis Bank Credit Cards! Your Application
for Axis Bank Credit Card is approved. The card details will follow

I spoke to customer care and they said that it is still in pending.

Does this means credit card is approved and going to dispatch ? Or
still any process pending and it’s not a final approval?

Thanks for your valuable help!


Thanks for the email! First thing to point out is that every case is different, and there is no definitive answer that fits all situations. However, in this case the use of the word “pending” in regards to your approval most likely means you were in fact approved as the SMS said, and the “pending” part of the process is simply the creation and dispatch of your card.

Not to worry, in all likelihood, you were approved! Very rarely would you receive an approval message only to be told opposite later. Our advice is just sit back and wait for that card, and use it frequently then pay in full for a sure way to keep your CIBIL in top shape.

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