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Ask@CreditSmart: I Found Errors On My CIBIL Report, What Do I Do?

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Dear CreditSmart,

My credit score is low as there were 2 settlements done by me towards the auto loan and a personal loan that is because of change of job and the bank account. Now since I had got my credit score online in details which shows unwanted transactions under my name which neither I have taken any unwanted loan. the address mentioned on it is also wrong. Kindly check and revert back to me. 
Hoping to receive a positive reply.
Warm regards,
Pratibha <name withheld>


Greetings Patibha,


Thank you so much for your question. It sounds like you have errors and misinformation still showing on your credit report. This is unfortunate but also more common than many people think. That’s why we urge consumers to get their full CIBIL report right from CIBIL at least once a year in order to make sure your file is error free. You’ve already got your CIBIL report which is great. Fortunately for you, there is a solution to remove those errors.
 The answer starts with CIBIL’s Online Dispute Form. You’ll need your control number from your CIBIL report and some other information for verification, but CIBIL will promptly launch an investigation into the errors. To read more about this process, check out this post. Most inquiries are handled within a 30 day time frame, you can check out the infographic below to help you understand the process. Best of luck Patibha!
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Timeline of the CIBIL Report Dispute Process

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