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Go For A Tried And True Classic: Bajaj Classic SuperCard Review

Go For A Tried And True Classic: Bajaj Classic SuperCard Review

Bajaj Classic SuperCard Review

The Classic SuperCard credit card is offered by Bajaj Finserv combines all good points of a regular credit card. It also has amazing reward features that have never been seen before – that’s why it’s super! It lives up to the name in most respects. Now with this Classic SuperCard, you can enjoy the benefit and comfort of all credit cards. Plus, you can also soak in the advantages of its impressive features. This Bajaj Classic SuperCard is also called RBL Bank Platinum Classic SuperCard.

Benefits of the Bajaj Classic SuperCard Credit Card

1. Welcome gift

With this Classic SuperCard, you can get a bonus of 2000 reward points on joining, but that is only possible if you spend Rs 2,000 in the first 2 months of your credit card activation.

2. Rewards program  

You get rewards every time you spend Rs 100 using this card. Additionally, you get 1,000 reward points when you spend Rs 10,000 within a month with this card. This option is suitable for people who are using this card for the first time. This card gives you a reward point rate equal to Rs. 0.25 or0.25%.

3. Fuel surcharge waiver

Bajaj Classic SuperCard gives fuel surcharge waiver of maximum Rs. 100 per month to fill the fuel tank of your vehicle at any place without any additional charges. Every transaction made for purchasing the fuel amounting between Rs. 500-Rs. 4000 with your Classic SuperCard is eligible for this waiver.

Features of the Bajaj Classic SuperCard Credit Card

1. Worldwide acceptance

Bajaj Classic SuperCard is accepted globally. It can be purchased in any currency and paid back in Rupees. You also get the facility to withdraw your money from any ATM across the world, which gives acceptance to Maestro, MasterCard, or Cirrus cards.

2. Contactless payments

This Classic SuperCard has contactless payment technology, which allows you to make payments without any PIN to a merchant on a merchant portal.

3. EMI on Electronic goods

You can purchase electronic gadgets on EMI with the help of Bajaj Classic SuperCard. All you have to do is to subscribe for Bajaj Finserv platinum Classic SuperCard.

4. Fee breaker option

With the help of this Classic SuperCard, you can reduce your interest charges. The cost can get reduced from 3.5% to 1.49% per month. You can avail this option by paying Rs. 500 in addition to the annual charges and take the benefit of low interest rates.

5. Personal Loan 

This credit card provides you an option to convert cash limit into a personal loan with zero interest for 3 months and a processing fee of 2.5% or Rs. 500. The minimum amount in this unique feature of Bajaj Classic SuperCard is Rs. 5,000 and the maximum limit is Rs. 5,00,000 or the available cash limit, whichever is less. Another name of this feature is Emergency Advance and this benefit is available to all Classic SuperCard users of RBL bank. This benefit can only be availed once a year.

6. Flexible purchase limits

This Classic SuperCard gives a flexible option to cardholders to set their purchase limits.

Fees and other charges of the Bajaj Classic SuperCard Credit Card

  • Joining fees: Rs. 499
  • Annual fees: Rs. 499 (from 2nd year onwards)
  • Over limit penalty charges:3%
  • Cash advance charges: 2.5% of the cash withdrawal amount or a minimum fee of Rs. 100, (whichever is higher)
  • Late payment charges: 15% of the amount due ranging between Rs. 350 to Rs. 1,000
  • Replacement cost: Rs. 200
  • Charges for duplicate statements: Rs 100

The Bottom Line

Bajaj Finserv Classic SuperCard is a great card as it has unique features such as personal loan conversion, fee breaker, contactless payments, and global acceptability. You can get many amazing benefits by using this Classic SuperCard, such as welcome gift, fuel surcharge waiver, and reward points.

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