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The Best Cards For Saving On Grocery & Supermarket Spending

The Best Cards For Saving On Grocery & Supermarket Spending

Incredible Grocery Savings With The Right Cards

Credit cards have completely changed the way how we make payments. These plastic cards are easy to carry anywhere. They do not take much space in our wallets, but still carry thousands of rupees. Purchasing goods and services has become very easy with credit cards.

Owing to the wide range of requirements of people, there are different credit cards available in the market. Every bank offers different types of credit cards for specific purposes, such as travelling, shopping, watching movies, dining, etc.

Looking at the specific features of a credit card, a person applies for a credit card according to their requirements. For instance, if you travel a lot, then you would have applied for a credit card that offers various travel rewards.

Like this, there are shopping rewards too on credit cards. Among other things like shopping for clothes and accessories, there is grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is an important part of everyone’s life. It is grocery that we buy on a regular basis as compared to clothes, shoes, etc. It is not a luxury, but a necessity for all of us. However, depending on the things you want to buy, groceries can also become luxury from necessity.


This makes it imperative to get a grocery shopping credit card, which can offer you good deals on this type of shopping. But, how can you know which is the best credit card for grocery shopping in India. Do not worry, as we are here to help you.

Today, we will tell you about the best credit cards that are ideal for saving money on grocery and thus you can lower your supermarket expenditure. So, have a look at the top credit cards for grocery shopping in India.

By far the strongest card in this category is the Standard Chartered Manhattan card. This incredible card not only gives you a huge 5% cash back on grocery and supermarket spends, but also department stores – as well as a generous 5x points on all other purchases. If you are going to keep one card in your wallet for grocery savings, the Manhattan is it.

Other Fantastic Grocery Cards

1. SimplySAVE Advantage SBI credit card

This credit card is offered by the prestigious State Bank of India. It is one of the best credit cards for people, who love to shop for grocery and do it very frequently. This card comes with numerous benefits, which makes it ideal for supermarket spends.

The SimplySAVE Advantage SBI credit card offers 10 reward points to cardholders per Rs. 100 that they spend in departmental stores and on purchasing grocery. Plus, it offers reward points on dining and movie spends. Card members get 1 point per Rs. 100 on all other purchases. With this card, 4 reward points are equal to Rs. 1.

2. ICICI Bank Coral Contactless credit card

This credit card is offered by ICICI Bank. It provides unlimited cash prizes, complimentary movie tickets, as well as discounts on supermarket and departmental spends to cardholders. In addition, it has many advantageous features.

The ICICI Bank Coral Contactless credit card offers 2 reward points, when you spend on groceries, dining, and in supermarkets using this card. Moreover, this card has an in-built contactless MasterCard technology, which makes your payments secure and quick at all retail outlets.

3. HDFC Solitaire credit card

This credit card is offered by HDFC Bank. It offers a wide variety of rewards to card members. This card covers every feature of a credit card, ranging from dining and travel to grocery spends. You can get 50% more points with the HDFC Solitaire credit card on your dining and grocery purchases. With this credit card, card members can earn up to 2,880 reward points per year or more on their dining and grocery purchases.

So, these are the best credit cards that you can use for buying grocery in India. You can choose any one of these credit cards depending on your requirements and needs. And, do not forget to apply for them after you decide which one is the best for you.


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