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Best Credit Cards For NRIs

Credit Cards For NRIs

Here’s Some Credit Card Options For NRI’s

A card for NRI would enable him to spend both in his homeland and abroad. Credit cards are a boon to Indians settled abroad. Credit cards for NRIs are a different product to focus on because of the remittances they send to our country that forms a significant portion of our national income. Some of the credit cards that stands best for NRIs are:

  • SBI NRI Platinum Credit Card

An NRE/NRO Customer of SBI having a term deposit exceeding 1 lac, NRI Platinum Credit Card can be issued to him internationally. This card will help you make great savings while in India benefits on currency conversions. Traveller’s cheques and surcharge on credit cards.


  • Accessible payment mode will help the NRIs pay for whatever they choose to do in India. YEs, they can pay all their shopping, dining and other sorts by using their credit card anywhere while they are in India.
  • From shopping to buying little souvenirs when travelling abroad, get 2% cash back on all your international spending.
  • Get travel related insurances that covers the loss of losing passport, flight delays and hijacking.
  • Offers flexible payment options for credit. You can pay any amount from minimum to maximum of you credit and the rest will be carried forward at the rate of 1.99%.
  • Offers add on cards for your family, siblings, and children etc. who are above 18 years of age.

Fees and charges:

  • Joining fee – Rs 1,500/-, Annual fee – Rs 1,500/-
  • Kotak NRI Royale Signature Credit Card

Kotak credit cards for NRIs are basically designed for Indians who have settled abroad. IT offers great deals and the unique one out of all is , they offer 2 times rewards on international spends as compared to spends in India.


  • Earn 1 reward point on every Rs 200 spent within India, where 1 reward point is 1 Air Mile. Easy redemption technique as automatic redemption will be done within every 3 months of billing.
  • Complimentary access to Airport Lounges in India and benefits such as comfortable sitting, wide TV screens, meals etc.
  • Relish 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions between Rs 400 and Rs 4,000, across all petrol pumps. Maximum amount allowed is Rs 4,500/-
  • Get 1.8% railway surcharge wave off on and 2.5% for transactions on /Indian Railways booking counter?
  • Get fraud protection of Rs 2,50,000/- against fraudulent usage up to 7 days pre-reporting.

Fees and charges:

  • Annual fee of Rs 1,000/- (applicable taxes extra)
  • Add on cards can be issued by onetime fee of Rs 599/- plus taxes
  • ROI is 3.1%
  • Union Bank International Credit Card (Visa)

Union Bank Visa International Credit card offers easy and secured experience at an assortment of outlets and websites all around the globe. It can also be used to withdraw cash from ATMs. This card is issued to Union Bank account holders only.


  • There are no joining fee and annual/renewal charges.
  • Attractive spending limit of up to 20% of the gross annual salary
  • Flexible payment option
  • Personal Insurance covers for free offered to primary cardholder and add on card holders as well.
  • Full refund on fuel surcharge for fuel purchases made for Rs 400 – Rs 4,000 per billing cycle subjected to minimum purchase of Rs 400 each time.

One can save a handsome sum of money when getting the Union Bank Visa International Credit card as they don’t ask for annual or joining fee, which is extremely rare among all other cards.

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