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Best Credit Cards For A Salaried Person

Best Credit Cards For A Salaried Person

A Salaried Person Has Great Cards To Choose From

For any salaried individual, surviving on a fixed or limited budget is almost compulsory. It is more so with the use of credit cards which he needs to utilize most wisely to get the maximum mileage out of them.

Keeping this in mind, many banks have started issuing credit cards that focus on the needs of salaried people and help them get the best bargains. Their details are discussed below.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card

Ever since its launch, the Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card has gone up the popularity charts by leaps and bounds as it helps salaried individuals to save substantially by way of reward points and cash back.

When you shop for your groceries at any of the big shopping malls like Reliance, More, Easy Day, or even Big Bazaar or Spencer’s, you get 5% cash back straightaway. In fact, this is the one and the only card offering straight 5% cash back on all grocery spends.

There is an annual fee of Rs. 999, which gain may be waived off. It is ideal for those salaried people who have an average credit card spend ranging between 1—2 lakhs per annum.

The other benefits include:

•    5x reward points at select hotels and restaurants, airline tickets as also fuel.

•    You can earn Rs. 500 cash back monthly, and this amounts to Rs 6000 annually.

•    Easy payment options are offered.

Citibank Rewards Credit Card

Contrary to common practices of high annual and joining fees that most credit cards have, the Citibank Platinum Credit Card comes with nil charges both concerning joining and annual fees.

However, the bank charges an interest of 3.25%, which again is flexible depending on expenses made on it.

You also get 5x reward points at restaurants as also for shopping and discounts and special offers on numerous options like travel, movie tickets and EMIs.

The best part is you save over 5% at Indian Oil petrol pumps and avail zero fuel surcharges. You can also convert the Turbo Points earned at petrol pumps to get real fuel.


ICICI Instant Platinum Card

For those with first-time employment, the ICICI Instant Platinum Card is just right as it does not require your credit history or score and only starts after you regularly use the credit card.

The card is issued against your fixed deposit in case your saving account is with the bank. The credit limit is set according to the value of your fixed deposit with ICICI bank, and regular interest is also paid on the deposit.

•    There are no annual fees, and you get 3 reward points (till December 01, 2016) for spending Rs.100

•    Emergency global assistance and hassle-free card replacement

•    Discount of Rs 100 on film tickets bi-monthly

•    15% discounts in over 800 well-known restaurants in India

•    Waiver of 2.5% on fuel surcharge, subject to a limit of Rs 4,000 at all HPCL pumps


Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards 

For salaried individuals, this is an all-rounder card for the following reasons:

•    1000 reward points for transacting within sixty days of receiving the card

•    Extra 100 points if you hook up with online banking facilities

•    20% cash back for Uber rides

•    5 reward points for every Rs 150 spent on dining and hotels

•    5 points for every Rs 150 spent on fuel

•    1 bonus points for Rs 150 spent in other categories

The best thing about the card is you can apply online and waive off the joining and annual fee entirely!

You can use any of the above cards and maximize your investments and get an improved lifestyle. Being salaried does not mean you don’t have the right or means to enjoy your life!

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