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Best Fuel Rewards Credit Cards In India

Best Fuel Rewards Cards In India

Drive Away With India’s Best Fuel Rewards Cards

We all need to drive right? Why not let your credit card PAY you for doing it?! There are many credit cards out there that offer different types of rewards to customers, and lucky for us drivers, one of these rewards programs focuses on fuel purchase. These credit cards are offering you free fuel, fuel surcharge waivers, reward points on buying fuel at select or all petrol pumps in India, and much more. Just for using it! Looking at it this way, you’re losing money if you pay for fuel with cash!

Besides this, these credit cards also offer you other benefits and perks, such as cash back on retail purchases, free movie tickets, etc. So, let us have a look at the best credit cards in India for fuel rewards.

1. IndianOil Citibank Platinum Credit Card

Best Fuel Rewards Credit Cards In IndiaThe IndianOil Citibank Platinum Credit Card offers high rewards as well as free fuel. It is a fast way to get free fuel.


  • Get 250 reward points (which equal Rs. 250) on your first transaction done within 30 days of your card account activation
  • Receive a discount of Rs. 3,000, when you book your hotel stays through MakeMyTrip
  • Earn 4 reward points, when you spend Rs. 150 on fuel and at particular stores
  • Get 2 reward points, when you spend Rs. 150 at supermarkets and on grocery
  • Receive 1 reward point, when you spend Rs. 150 on all other purchases
  • Save more than 5% on your fuel purchases at all IndianOil outlets


  • The annual fees is waived off, when you spend over Rs. 30,000 per year
  • You can redeem your reward points for free fuel right away at particular outlets
  • You can use this credit card in India as well as abroad, since it is an international card
  • The offer of Rs. 3,000 of on your hotel bookings is valid till June 30, 2016
  • You can get your first supplementary credit card free of cost
  • Annual fees: Rs. 1,000

Apply Here For the Indian Oil Citibank Platinum

2. Kotak Delight Credit Card

Welcome Kit For The Kotak Delight Card

Welcome Kit For The Kotak Delight Card

The Kotak Delight Credit Card offers you high cash back rewards. It also provides you with free movie tickets and fuel surcharge waiver.


  • Get cash back of 10% on all your movie and dining expenses
  • Earn maximum cash back of Rs. 600 in each billing cycle of this credit card
  • Receive 4 free movie tickets from PVR cinemas, when you spend Rs. 1,25,000 in every six months
  • Get a fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% on all petrol pumps across India
  • Receive a railway surcharge waiver of 1.8% on bookings that you make via and 2.5% on bookings done at Indian Railways Booking Counters


  • In order to avail cash back, you must spend atleast Rs. 10,000 on other categories, besides entertainment and dining in each billing cycle of your card
  • Annual fees: Rs. 1,999

Apply Here For The Kotak Delight Card

3. ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Visa Credit Card

ICICI Bank Coral CardThe ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Visa Credit Card offers cash back on fuel and fuel surcharge waivers. Besides this, it also offers some other great perks on regular purchases.


  • Enjoy cash back of 2.5%, till a maximum amount of Rs. 100, on your fuel purchases at all HPCL petrol pumps
  • A fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% for fuel transactions up till Rs. 4,000 at all HPCL petrol pumps across India
  • Earn 2.5 times reward points on fuel transactions done at any of the HPCL petrol pump
  • Receive 2 reward points on purchases worth Rs. 100
  • When you spend at least Rs. 50,000 per year on this card, the annual fees of Rs. 199 will be waived
  • Redeem your reward points immediately at any of the HPCL petrol pumps


  • Receive Rs. 100 as discount on your movie ticket bookings via on a maximum of two tickets each month
  • Enjoy atleast 15% savings on your dining expenses at more than 800 restaurants, which are affiliated with the ICICI bank’s Culinary Treats programme
  • Get two free airport lounge access per quarter on showing your boarding pass and this credit card at any of the airports
  • 24*7 banking services with ICICI bank’s Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Pin and chip protection that provides higher security against counterfeiting and fraud
  • Complimentary supplementary credit card
  • Annual fees: Rs. 199

Apply For The ICICI Coral Visa Card

There you go! These are the three best credit cards for fuel rewards. Put the pedal to the metal and apply for one today so you can start saving.

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