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Big League Value With Kotak League Platinum Card

Big League Value With Kotak League Platinum Card

Kotak League: Just What the Working Professional Needs

Big League Value With Kotak League Platinum CardWelcome to the League. Or, rather welcome to the world of Kotak League Platinum Card – a credit facility tailor-made for the needs of the working professional who has to manage both home and work finances equally within the tightest budgets.

What makes this card stand out from others?

Kotak has been offering some great rewards in the recent past. For one, the bank has been offering savings deposit interest rates that are as high as 6% in the recent past. The new Kotak League Platinum Card gives you a lot more than just helping you save money. Apart from receiving some great reward points, you can also get as much as 8x times the reward points.

Let’s dwell a bit on the benefits and rewards offered by Kotak League Platinum card and find out what it has to offer to the users.


•    You get one reward point for spending Rs.100. These points automatically get converted into cash and subsequently get credited to the card account.

•    As soon as you subscribe, a joining gift which is entirely complimentary is issued to you. The goodies range from movie and travel vouchers to designer watches.

•    8x points can be collected for spending Rs.150 on the card.

•    As a cardholder, you get a complimentary membership of Taj Epicure during the 1st year. It entitles you to 10% discount when dining at any Taj bar or restaurant.

•    The Skin Clinic run by Kaya offers free skin consultations for a lifetime at any Kaya Clinic when you produce your Kotak League Platinum Card. Kaya also gives you a facial voucher of Rs.2000/-.

•    Your card entitles you to a golf card that presents you an opportunity to have a round of golf at 24 golf courses in India at half fees.

•    You have the option of also going for a priority pass that gives you access to 600 airport lounges the world over.


The card comes with the usual EMV chip which is PIN based that prevents fraudulent transactions from taking place

•    Facilities for PIN or Personal Identification Number

•    Protection during online transactions by way of a once-usable OTP or One Time Password.

You also get the benefit of the League Shield wherein as a cardholder you are covered against Rs.75,000 worth of fraudulent transactions should the card be pilfered for 7 days before reporting.

The Global Card

Your Kotak League Platinum Card enables you to make purchases globally in any currency of any country which you may visit. You have the privilege and benefit of paying back in Indian rupees no matter in whichever currency you have made the payment.

The Traveler’s Friend

Get substantial discounts on rail and road travel with Kotak League card.

•    A discount of 1.8% is available on railway surcharge if rail tickets are booked through the IRCTC portal.

•    Additionally, a 2.5% maximum surcharge waiver is available if the card is used to buy rail tickets at any railway counter. The ceiling limit for waiver of railway surcharge in one year is Rs. 500.

While traveling, your card will enable you to make bookings and reservations on a priority basis. The assistance comes to you within 2 hours. All you need to do is to send an SMS.

Fuel Savings

You also get waivers on fuel surcharge for transactions ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.3000. However, the maximum limit for waiver of fuel surcharge in one calendar year is Rs. 3500.

Kotak also gives you additional convenient benefits which make the card customer friendly.

•    If you shop extravagantly also, you can convert these transactions into EMI Payments without paying extra.

•    50% of the card’s credit limit can be withdrawn at any ATM free of interest.

This credit card from Kotak is your choice if you want to save on fuel and love to travel more. You will be able to withdraw more money and save on travel each time you book a flight.

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