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Can My CIBIL Be Affected If I Am An Add-On Authorized User?

Can My CIBIL Be Affected If I Am An Add-On Authorized User?

Add-On User Data Often Reported To CIBIL


Ask CreditSmartDear Sir,

I got an 2 ADD ON credit cards on my name 8 yrs back. Primary card holder got some issue on the credit cards and it got defaulted. Please let me know, is it will reflect in my cibil report ? I checked my cibil report my score is 600.its reflecting as AUTHORIZED USER ( What does it mean ). And i am paying durable loan time to time, In my name. Please help to sort out this issue.





Greetings Lakshmi!

Thanks so much for your question, it’s certainly an interesting scenario that our readers can learn from. First of all to answer your question, an “authorized user” and an “add-on” card are the very same thing. When the primary card holder asks for an “add-on” card, the person who it’s for (in this case, you) is the “authorized user”.

Here is where things get interesting. The primary card holder is the one who’s CIBIL score would be most affected by adding authorized users, because they assume all the risk. However you say your own CIBIL report has you at a 600 score, so this means there must be things negatively impacting your CIBIL score.

Lets Take A Look

You say you are paying your durable loan time to time, so as long as that’s in good standing, then it must be something else. Do you have any other issues on your credit report such as older unpaid debt, credit cards with high utilization, or a high amount of inquiries?

If all else is normal then I suspect your low CIBIL could be a result of the add-on card. You might be surprised to hear some credit card companies report the data of add-on users to CIBIL. Therefore, you might be feeling the effects of that add-on card getting defaulted. The credit card issuer might think you, as an add-on user, might have been partially responsible for the default – and perhaps lowered your score accordingly. It’s certainly worth calling the card issuer and asking if they report the data of add-on users to CIBIL, since not all companies do.

Best of luck to you, I would be interested to hear your resolution to this matter, and I’m sure our readers would too.

Best Regards,



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