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Citi PremierMiles Card Review 2016

Citi Premier Airline Miles

Citi PremierMiles Is Perfect For Any Traveller

Apply Today For Citi PremierMilesOne of the best cards you will ever find for travel savings, the Citi PremierMiles gets you bang for your buck. You will need to take a look at terms and conditions, because market vagaries can alter these, but overall you are looking at optimum value for money if you own a PremierMiles.

  • 10,000 miles are immediately credited to your card-account but only after you have made a transaction of INR 1,000 in the first 60 days of card booking. This is factually not that hard to accomplish, meaning you can get those ten-thousand miles at very little expense.
  • A dedicated site is available for this card, namely PremierMiles. All your miles points can be redeemed there, granting you the opportunity to save on not just airfare tickets but car rentals and hotels as well.
  • For every INR 100 that you spend on airlines, you avail 10 miles. This is quite the potential reward, because you can earn a substantial miles score if you are a frequent flyer.
  • Whether it is the international or domestic sector, you can earn some of the most competitive pricing structures for air miles.

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The simplified Citi PremierMiles application form adds to the convenience. Input your details and see if you are eligible for the card; no need to wait for customer support, the form says it as it is.

If you are eligible, and especially if you are a frequent flyer, this card will let you reach for the skies, in more ways than one. For every dollar you spend abroad, you earn 2 Citi Miles. If you spend that dollar in India, you gain 1.2 Citi Miles. These miles do not expire and there is no minimum expense requirement.

You have over 70 airlines to choose from when it comes to participating in the frequent flyers programme. You can redeem the card at over 8,500 hotels. Plenty of time is also saved at outlets in Bali, Singapore, and Bangkok where you reduce the cost of travel-related purchases. And that’s not all…

  • Citi Rebates – At over 700 merchant outlets (Starbucks, Burger King, Shell, and more), this card has the power to grant you 10% cash-back.
  • Visa PayWave – Contact-less card technology is integrated into the Citi PremierMiles. Just wave the card and shop for under $100; saves a lot of time.
  • Citi Miles for Cash – You can redeem these miles for cash. A minimum of 2,000 Citi Miles is needed; this is the equivalent of $20. You can afterwards make rebate redemptions in thousand-mile increments or $10.
  • Priority Pass – Over 600 members-only airport lounges are open to you across the world. You get VIP lounge privileges twice yearly with access to telephones, conference rooms, fax machines, and internet. It is entirely free for you, the cardholder; a guest counts as an extra visit.

There is a whole lot more to this card than meets the eye. We have only grazed the top few layers of what the Citi PremierMiles brings to your flying, travel, and lifestyle. From flexibility factors, petrol deals, baggage loss coverage, medical assistance, travel accident insurance, and much more, you are probably starting to understand what we meant about Citi PremierMiles ‘value for money’.


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