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The Citi Prestige Card India Review

The Citi Prestige Card India Review

Citi Prestige Stands Out In The Luxury Card Market

The Citi Prestige Card India ReviewI am someone who loves to travel and enjoy this luxurious life to the fullest. While I juggle between my abroad business meetings and family trips, I did not know there is a lot more that I can actually gain. After a month of using this Citi Prestige card, I can only talk about how much worthwhile it is.

I have suggested most of my friends to get a Citi Prestige card for themselves and upgrade their lives. Now, you might feel that I am unnecessarily boasting about this particular card without actually talking about its real benefits. So wait until I begin.


Following are some of the alluring benefits that lured me into this prestige card of Citibank and trust me it is worth everything!

  • 10,000 bonus air miles along with vouchers worth 10,000 annually by Taj Group or ITC hotels.
  • One  night complimentary stay, on minimum booking of 4 nights across the world
  • Elevated status on the loyalty programs of British Airways and Taj Group
  • Access to some of the most famous picturesque golf destinations alongside three complimentary green fees at selected courses globally
  • Travel and get entertained by thirty three chosen guides created exclusively for the card members

This prestige card by the Citi bank certainly revives your luxurious lifestyle that is meant to be spent in king sized attitude.

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Well, we are not done yet! The Citi Prestige Card has more in store for its users! Apart from the numerous  benefits that I have acquired from Citi Prestige card, the card has also given me ample rewards.

The best part about these rewards is that it is not a one stop transaction, instead the Prestige card provides in continuous rewards to its users in the form of reward points. Let me explain to you about the type of rewards-

  • Frequency Reward Points– Suppose I spend 100 INR on some random purchase, then 1 reward point is added to my account in case the transaction is national, while in case of international transaction 2 reward points are added.
  • Customer Benefits– If  you are an existing customer of Citibank, you can earn up to 30% bonus points upon your regular transactions, however these incentives are subjected to certain terms and conditions.
  • Switching reward points– The versatility of this reward scheme exchanges 1 reward point for 4 leading frequent flyer air miles like Ethihad Airways-Thai Airways or Air India-Eva Air, Delta Airlines-Singapore airlines. These reward points can also be switched with leading luxury hotels.

Having said it all, Citibank has surely brought in a convenient option for customers like us who prefer comfort and luxury in everything. To sum it up, on a scale of 1-5, I would definitely go forward to rate Citi Prestige Card with 4.5 points. And for those who are doubtful for the card, all I would say is go ahead as it’s definitely worth a try!

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