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Citibank Rewards India Vs. Citi Cash Back Card – Which is Better For You?

Citibank Cash Back Card Vs Rewards Card

Two Excellent Cards Compared

Citibank Rewards Card Vs. Citi Cash Back Card

Citibank has a very diverse range of credit cards aimed at both the elite as well as beginners. The Citibank Cash Back Credit Card and Citibank Rewards Card are beginner range credit cards and are ideal for someone who is getting a card for the first time. They are also perfect if you are trying to build a strong credit history by timely repayments and minimal spending. So which of the two should you choose? There aren’t too many differences to begin with, but we at is inclined to believe that the Citibank Cashback Credit Card is slightly more beneficial than Citibank Rewards Credit Card due to the reasons discussed below.

The Citibank Cashback Credit Card has no welcome offer to speak of while the Citibank Rewards Credit Card comes with a 2500 reward points for spends made within the first 30 days of card activation.

Earning reward points

This is where the benefits offered by both these cards differ considerably. As you can see, the Cashback Credit Card is focused entirely on cashbacks on various purchases, whereas the Rewards Credit Card sort of makes up for it via reward points. Let us consider the Cashback Credit Card first. Apart from the 5% cashback on all movie tickets, telephone bills and utility payments, it assures 0.5% cashback on spends on any category. On the other hand, the Rewards Credit Card earns you 10 Reward Points for every Rs. 125 spent at Apparel & Department Stores. And for spends on other categories, I reward point will be credited. Apart from this, user can earn 500 reward points for every add-on card they take. And if the quarterly expenditure exceeds Rs.1 lakh, 1000 reward points will be credited.  An extra 1000 reward points will be credited for renewal after the first year.

Cashback / reward point redemption

1 cashback points = Rs. 1. These points will be automatically redeemed as statement credit in multiples of Rs.500. On the other hand, the reward points can be used for redemption of online shopping, air miles, vouchers and so on. These points can also be used at various stores.

Some people may prefer accumulating these reward points and using it for a big purchase, but it often a long, long wait. It is not easy to score sufficient reward points to make a meaningful purchase like, say a television or a mobile phone. On the other hand, cashback points is assured with every purchase and if you rely on your credit card for your spending, there is a good chance you will complete the 500 cashback quite frequently.

Fees and other charges

The Citibank Cash Back card comes with an annual card fee of Rs 500 and there is no option to waive it off. On the other hand, the Citibank Rewards Card comes at an annual fee of Rs.1000, which can be waived off if the expenditure over a year exceeds Rs.30000.


Both Citibank Cashback Credit Card and Citibank Rewards Credit Card comes with privileges like 20% savings on dining bills at over 2,000 dining outlets and easy EMI options. However, the Citibank Rewards Credit Card also comes with complimentary concierge services.

Bottom line

We would any day pick Citibank Cashback Credit Card over Citibank Rewards Credit Card because it gives a cashback of 0.5% on any purchase in addition to 5% cashback on movie tickets, utilities and telephone bill payments. While you may argue that platforms like PayTM and Mobikwik gives better offers, our counter is that they are only seasonal, while the cashback provided by Citibank is permanent. The Citibank Rewards Credit Card has its own merits; however the absence of concept of assured cashbacks certainly goes against it and makes it a little less desirable.

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