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How To Close A Credit Card Without Affecting Your CIBIL Score

How to close a credit card without affecting your score

Closing an unused or old account can be saving you on cash if your credit card has a particularly high miscellaneous fees or rate of interest. Otherwise, when you hold an unmanageable debt burden or shopping problem, it could be making sense to shut some credit cards for minimizing your spending temptation.

Ahead of picking up the scissors, discern this: Cancellation of a card in the precise way engrosses more than just snipping it in halves. It necessitates you to pursue particular steps for closing your credit card account permanently with the slightest damage to the credit score. Follow the steps below to trail these required steps:

Paying off the credit balance

Cancellation of a credit card is an extensive procedure and among the most essential steps is paying off a credit balance wholly. There are 2 methods to about this course: pay down the balance completely or get a balance transferring card with better stipulations. A creditor won’t let you close your account completely until your balance is paid down completely. If you necessitate assistance paying down the card faster, ask your issuer if your card could be frozen till balance is paid down. This will avert any additional fees or interest from coming up on the account.

Alerting your credit supplier

Once you get a hold of an appropriate agent for your credit supplier, inquire if your credit account has been paid fully. You would not fancy coming all the way, only to discover that remaining interest charges or additional fees, which still needs to be paid down.

During this rung, an agent may attempt to talk you out from cancellation of your card. Many lenders would undertake this sales ploy as it costs them additional to locate a new client than holding on to the older ones. Stay resolute in your decision, and tell them that you aspire for your account to be blocked at present.

Double checking

Even supposing you have contacted with your lender agent by call, it never does hurt to write down a nippy cancelation note to your issuer and request for verification that your account has been indeed closed. The brief letter must include your account number, phone number, name, address, payoff confirmation of the credit account and any other details that you had with your representative on the phone. A central part to incorporate in your letter is to mention that your credit card was “closed at the consumer’s request.” Doing this will demonstrate to future providers that you had closed your account with the right steps, and these extra steps will shield your credit score.

Waiting it out

After having completed all necessary steps above, you must now wait it out. The full process must take approximately a month to get completed. After you have waited out the prearranged period, take a good look at the credit report for making sure that your account has been sealed for good.

If you witness your account still being open, just repeat the course of calling your credit issuer and writing down a letter for authentication. If you see that the account is still open, then you can proceed to file your dispute with any major and reliable credit bureaus in your locale.

Bottom Line

All things considered, closing a credit card is very easy and can be achieved in quick time, provided that you follow the right steps, which have been asked for by your card issuer. Correctly implementing this procedure is very important as this is also considered, the next time you approach a new credit provider.

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