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For Correcting Errors In Your CIBIL Report: Try The Dispute Resolution Form

Errors In CIBIL Are Commonplace, But Fixable


Ask CreditSmart: Can You Improve Your CIBIL Within 30 Days?You would not believe how many emails we get each month from people wanting us to fix errors on their CIBIL report. The problem is certainly widespread and CIBIL does offer tools to fix these errors, however it’s apparent they need to step up their game regarding accuracy of information. Here is a sample email we received a few days ago from reader Asis:


Dear Sir,

While I was trying to get my Credit Score on line from your portal, I am surprised to find
that after my name Asis *********, you are writing Ramanbhai for reasons best known to you. It’s a
strange goof up at your end and I urge upon you to kindly correct it immediately with intimation to my
email id, ‘*******

I will appreciate immediate rectification of my name in order to approach you for my Credit Score. I look
forward to your cooperation & support for proceeding further in this matter.

Asis ****************


CreditSmart Helps You Improve Your CIBIL, But We Are Not CIBIL

Hello Asis, 

Thank you for emailing us here at CreditSmart. We are a credit improvement portal, we are not CIBIL. However to address your issue, we can help by directing you to the part of CIBIL’s website that will help you dispute the error on your report. They should amend it after an investigation within 30 days. Go here and follow CIBIL’s required steps. In general we know they handle this efficiently, and hopefully your CIBIL information will be corrected quickly. 
Best of Luck,
CreditSmart Staff CreditSmart
Hopefully as time goes by the methods of data collection used by CIBIL will continue to improve and we can see a decrease in the massive amount of errors appearing in consumers reports. For now we have to play by their rules and submit requests for corrections through their site. We encourage anyone who has been through this process to email us your story so we can share it with other readers.

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