Credit Bureau Profile: What Is CRIF High Mark?

CRIF High Mark Company Profile

CRIF High Mark IndiaMany people wonder about the different corporations in India responsible for tracking and maintaining your credit information. Today we will focus on CRIF High Mark, the newest bureau in India.

CRIF High Mark is one of the major credit information bureaus in India, providing services to all segments of borrowers such as Commercial borrowers and MSME, Microfinance borrowers, Retail consumers. The organization is the pioneer of creating and operating the first Microfinance Bureau Database in the country and the largest in the world.

Services offered by CRIF High Mark 

The organization provides Data Management, Analytics, and Software Solutions to promote a mature culture of credit in the Indian economy and keep up the financial requirements of consumers and businesses. You can view your credit score and your credit report by visiting the website or using this link.

Consumer bureau: PERFORM customer 

This bureau is specially developed according to the needs of the Indian market based on the international expertise of CRIF in 16 countries. It provides an estimation of the credit- worthiness of an individual. It gives a score of the past credit deeds of an individual and present credit utilization and thus predicts his/ her future performance of credit. Higher score denotes more creditworthy applicant.

This tool has great predictive power in forecasting risk of credit and it adds value to the relationship of an institution with its clients.

CIR- credit report of CRIF High Mark 

It gives a comprehensive report from the credit bureau with the option of integrating data across commercial, MFI, and consumer bureaus. The credit report is most accurate, complete and easily comprehensible with far-reaching information coverage to enable faster evaluation of the credit history of a customer. The credit report is aligned with the Global Best Industry Standards, which includes the scores of Consumer PERFORM.

As well as solutions like

SKIP trace 

SKIP trace is an intelligent search at multiple levels with frequentative links that are intended to make the best of recoveries and enhance collections. This tool is aligned to collection and recovery processes at the banks of the clients. The banks can avoid additional expenses with user specific and clean output.

Geo Analytics Consulting

This tool gives macro –level geo-based interactive reports of trends, tracking important KPIs for Review/ Invest decision making. It helps in the analysis of potential of the region for future as well as current locations. It measures the capability of micro- markets for identifying the finest sites and optimizing operations of the businesses in that area. It helps acquire clients by choosing the most gainful business performance and targets in an area. It enhances the quality of customer base and maximizes effectiveness.

Portfolio Management

This tool helps efficiently assess the level of credit risk associated with the current clients and assists in differentiating potential and high- risk targets for cross sales. Each account in the credit portfolio is assessed with the consumer PERFORM and advance entity of CRIF High Mark. It includes elaborate reporting of credit history in the portfolio of all requested clients.

Triggers and Alerts 

This tool of CRIF High Mark is meant to signal emerging issues of financial management, which may need urgent action or attention. For instance, a person is showing a pattern of delayed payments or taking significant additional debt. It assists in financial collections and alerts financial institutions in real time, if there are any alterations in the notified customer’s current collections or demographic profile. It provides information about the new location, email ID, phone number of a missing debtor. It enhances monitors systems and controls of settled lines of credit. It monitors restored liquidity of cases of collections in real time. It intervenes and identifies with actions concentrated at clients in connection with variations in cross- selling, creditworthiness, watch, and up-selling. It helps in collections from those customers that are non-traceable and have new details of their demographics.


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