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“What Credit Limit Can I Get On An SBI Simply Save Credit Card?”

Credit Limits Depend On Many Factors

Here’s another CreditSmart question from a reader Thota:

How much amount can credit on SBI simply save card new user?



Hi Thota, thanks for the email! I know, we are all curious to know how huge of a credit limit we can get before we bother applying for the SBI Simply Save card, which is a great card. It would be fantastic to know ahead of time how much each bank might approve you for beforehand, but unfortuately it’s much more complicated than that.

The credit limit the bank decides to give you is decided predominantly on two factors, your credit score and your income. Without knowing either of those two pieces of information, it’s impossible to gauge how much of a limit you could potentially be approved for. Even then, there’s no pre-determined calculation that says “you are approved for ________ if you have ________ annual income.”

So all considered, there is really no way to know. Your credit limit is determined by many things and ultimately is up to the banks discretion.



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