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The Flipkart Friendly Axis Buzz Card 2017 Review

The Flipkart Friendly Axis Buzz Card 2017 Review

Shopping Smarter With The Axis Buzz Card

Being an online shopaholic myself, I couldn’t help but notice the Axis Buzz Card that seemed to crop up everytime I clicked on the ‘view offers’ tab on Flipkart. Of course, we have all seen the likes of SBI and Citibank throwing festive offers and discounts all the time, but to see one particular brand of card so frequently did catch my attention which is why I decided to see what the ‘buzz’ was all about. And what I did discover was certainly worth it. If you are someone who wait impatiently for the Flipkart Big sale or the Freedom sale or the likes, then this one is certainly for you.


Shopping Online Keeps Getting Better

I am someone who spends on an average around 2 lakhs on my credit card annually. And I routinely turn to Flipkart for most of my online purchases. Not that I dislike Amazon or Snapdeal, I have always had a special thing for Flipkart. May be it’s because they were the first ecommerce company that was ‘quintessentially Indian’. Therefore, it made perfect sense for me to look closer into a credit card that rewarded Flipkart users. Let’s see how that turned out!


Axis Bank Buzz ReviewTo begin with, Axis bank gives you a Flipkart Gift Voucher worth Rs.1000 on making 3 purchases with the Buzz credit card within first 45 days. Apart from this, the statistician in me was befuddled by the claim on the Axis Bank Buzz Card landing page that I could save up to Rs.10,600 and earn 4000 eDGE Loyalty Reward Points in a year. I did put it to test and guess what, it turned out to be cent percent true! Now, a 5% saving on my credit card spending annually is not something that I would pass over. As if this wasn’t enough to convince me, the Buzz card gives you a cool 5% off at Flipkart whenever you shop. I mean, what more can a Flipkart enthusiast ask for?

And to think there are Gift vouchers from Flipkart worth Rs.8000 to be won frequently and a 3X eDGE Loyalty reward points when you shop online made me immediately sign up for the Buzz card online. Since I have been a loyal Axis bank customer with a ‘My Choice’ credit card already to my name, my application sailed through without a hitch.

Give It A Whirl

So I did go ahead and made 3 purchases, earned a Rs 1000 Flipkart voucher, used that to buy an iPhone 6S and earned Rs.2000 discount due to the 5% off benefit. Eventually, I ended up saving Rs.3000 just like that! Show me one credit card that rewards you so handsomely for using Flipkart, and I will gladly handover my just-out-of-the-box iPhone for free!

But the Axis Buzz card is not just about Flipkart and rightly so. Yes, the cool offers on Flipkart are fine, but I do use my credit card for other stuff as well; dining, for instance. And guess what, I am eligible for a minimum 15% off at partner restaurants across India!

Safe Shopping With Price Protection

Now to something unique about the Buzz card. It comes with something called the ‘Price Protection Cover’ which essentially means that you are always assured of the lowest prices and in the odd scenario where you find something cheaper out there, Axis reimburses you the difference! This is applicable on Amazon, Snapdeal and of course Flipkart on a minimum purchase value of Rs.2500. Axis Bank seems to have figured out the urban online shopper thoroughly or what else would explain such attention to the minutest of details?

Apart from these incredible benefits, it also comes with the standard perks like EMI conversion, redeemable eDGE Loyalty Reward Points, vouchers etc.

All in all, the Axis Bank Buzz Card is totally worth the buzz it has been generating in online shopping circles. It rewards you for being a Flipkart loyalist and comes with other standard perks as well!

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