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Gratifying Rewards From Axis Bank My Zone Card⎜Review

Gratifying Rewards From Axis Bank My Zone Card⎜Review

Tip Your Rewards On Your Axis

It doesn’t get much bigger than this one. There are many offerings that sway the motion of offering the best value of rewards, but Axis Bank My Zone Card stands atop as one of the top-tiered reward based credit card in the market.

In a flourishing card-based economy, Axis Bank quite sumptuously carved a niche for its customers with this efficient piece. We here would be profiling the said card deep down to unearth the features and benefits of it. We would also reinstate whether Axis Bank delivers on its tagline of exploring the gratifying rewards or not.

So let’s head down as we begin the show for the ‘Axis Bank My Zone Card Review’. 

Features of Axis Bank My Zone Card 

Judging it on a purview, it seems a customary delight for the entertainment seekers. It has a host of features assorted to amplify the entertainment value for the user. We’d further look into all the features on offer down below.

What’s new? 

The credit card foremost is an EMV certified chip-based ones which provide an unrivalled protection to the users. It is also PIN protected for better security leeway. It also reigns in access to great leverage on spends for dinner, shopping, and entertainment.

What’s not so new? 

Apart from the few aforementioned features, everything else is along the cordon of the existing credit cards in the market. It offers the same set of extra features as offered by many.

Unmatched Benefits 

The card offers eDGE Loyalty Rewards points, the only one of its kind in the market. It has a reward based mechanism for every transaction and also offers the option to redeem it easily. The reward system works for spending through credit cards, online transactions, weekend dining and shopping.

The card further comes with cashback offers on movie ticket purchases and offers the benefit to convert the purchases into EMI options.

The common benefits 

The card also has a host of other benefits like complimentary lounge access, fuel waiver and surcharge and more. But this sort of benefits is found on almost every piece of a credit card in the market.

Eligibility & Documents

The credit card can be applied by anyone bearing an age between 18 to 70 years. The cardholder needs to be a resident of India or a Non-resident Indian. The applicant needs to furnish documents foresee PAN Card, pay-slip or Form 16, Residence proof, electricity bill, Passport and a further identity proof.

Fees & Charges 

Axis Bank My Zone Card features a joining fee of Rs 500 which shall be waived off if you spend around Rs 5000 within the first 45 days of your card. The annual fee from the second year onwards is Rs 500 per annum.

The financial charges relate to 3.25% per month which equates to 46.78% per annum. It also has a cash withdrawal charges of 2.5 % or minimum of Rs 250 per transaction.

Verdict on the card 

The review started along the cordon to officiate whether Axis Bank My Zone Card happens to be the on the lineage of great reward offerings. Going through the offerings and features, it does seem a great choice for those seeking the best value for entertainment purposes. It has added benefits for people swaying with online transactions, dining and shopping.

However, apart from the reward-value for entertainment spends, it doesn’t differ much from an ordinary credit card. Pretty much, a reward based piece of credit card to hold on to. Here’s where you can apply one for you.

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