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Help! My CIBIL Is Low And I’m Being Declined!

Fixing Errors And Paying Dues


We get letters like this from our readers everyday who are trying to get a loan only be be surprised that they are turned down due to unknown accounts past due. It’s so important to stay on top of your CIBIL report and know exactly what lenders are reporting about you. If it’s wrong information, it can hurt your score badly and effect your life like it did for Swarup. Lets take a look.

this is to inform you that,I  am a client of Baja Finensery.I purchased a bajaj Pulser bike few years ago with Bajaj Finensery , for which I cleared all the monthly payment and I also received the NOC forthe same.Thereafter I have not bought anything in finace.But last year, in October I TRIED TO PURCHASE A REFRIGERATOR  IN FINANCE ,at that time due to my low cibil score it was decclined.I also showed that I have something overdue .It was also showing that a consumer loan is still pending.But as far my concer,I had  cleared all my dues.Now,I want apply for personal loan but due to that discrepancy ,I am unable to get it.                                                                               It is my humble request to you if you kindly pay attention to my problem and take initiative steps as soon as possible to upgreade my profile.Your cooperation is highly solicited.                                                    

Thanking you     



Our Reply…

Hello Swarup!

I’m sorry you are finding yourself in this situation. In any case where you believe you have cleared all dues but a negative item is still showing on your CIBIL report, it is imperative that you purchase your official full CIBIL report directly from CIBIL. You are entitled to one free report per year directly from CIBIL, so you will not have to pay if you have not already gotten yours for 2017.

By getting your full CIBIL report you can see exactly which bank or lender is reporting that you have unpaid dues. From there, you will need to contact them and provide proof of payment. It may just be a mixup, error, or perhaps you did forget about an account which has now gone past due. Any errors can be fixed with a change to your CIBIL report within 60 days.

At CreditSmart we can point you in the right direction, but we do not handle your CIBIL report directly. To get your official FULL CIBIL report, visit this link.

Best Of Luck!,

CreditSmart Staff

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