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The Best Credit Cards In India For Travel

How to pick the best travel credit cards and win handsome benefits

A frequent traveler’s must-have list: music, movies, a family photo, some extra clothes, and a great TRAVEL credit card. Without the last one, you would be missing out on the many goodies that other frequent travelers are enjoying.

Valuable as travel credit cards are as a lot, don’t you run to the nearest bank and pick anytravel card offered to you. There is a great variety on offer in this niche, so check out a few top ones and pick the one that’s best for you.

A beginner’s guide to evaluate travel credit cards

Use the following criteria to ensure you pick the right travel credit card.

  • Miles Expiry Date – The collected miles are valid up to a certain date only, after which the miles meter is reset, and all unspent miles up till then will go to waste. Before taking a card, check this date and ensure the time span for spending miles is not a very short one.
  • Multiple Airlines Centric Or Single Airline Centric – For most the former is a better deal, for the range of airlines is bigger. However, if you have a strong penchant for a particular airline, it makes perfect sense to opt for a card specific to your favorite airline.
  • Understand How Miles Are Collected – Some travel centric credit cards offer miles benefits across several platforms, some only on air ticket bookings. You give yourself a chance to collect more air miles and enjoy more benefits by picking a card that offers air miles on multiple transactions besides ticket bookings.

Top Travel Credit Cards

Now let’s take a look at the best travel credit cards that offer attractive deals and discounts to frequent travelers.

Air India SBI Signature Credit Card – Extremely beneficial for frequent Air India Travelers, this card offers 4 reward points for every INR 100 spent and is one of the best credit cards in India for travel. One reward point equals to 1 Air India Air Mil and you get 20,000 reward points as welcome gift. You also get complimentary Priority Pass membership that gives you access to no less than 600 airport lounges all around the world. The card also comes with a complimentary 1 Lac of rupees’ worth of free fraud liability cover. The annual fee of this card is INR 499.

ICICI Bank Airways Premium Card – This card offers many attractive discounts and several great features and benefits for frequent travelers, making it an ideal choice for international travelers. You earn air miles for most spends and can use it for flying free with British Airways and possible upgrades. Some important features and benefits include, but are not limited to, the following: 8000 Avias on using the card for the first time, access to ICICI Bank experience concierge service, and 15 % discount in selected restaurants. The annual fee is INR 7000.

Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card – You get 2500 free JP Miles as a welcome bonus when you purchase this card. This airline credit card allows users to redeem accumulated JP Miles for Jet Airway tickets as well as discount coupons. Besides air miles on air ticket purchase, the card offers users 3 JP Miles for each INR 100 they spend at international and domestic outlets. The cards come charges users a one-time joining fee as well as an annual fee of INR 1250.

HSBC MakeMyTrip Signature Card You win reward points, 10 for every 100 rupees, on your spending on portal. Making it a great choice for frequent travelers who heavily use portal for their air tickets and accommodation is the feature that allows users to earn 15 Turbo reward points for every INR 100 spent over INR 50,000 at this travel portal in one year. The annual fee is INR 3499. 

Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card A good choice for both frequent and not-so-frequent air travelers, the card offers you a chance to win 10 Premier Miles on every INR 100 you spend on airlines and 4 Premier Miles on every non-airline transaction worth INR 100. The annual fee on this card is INR 3000 and remains one of the best credit cards in india for travel.

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