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Hi Team,

Please could you help me to improve my cibil score and it have my 10 years old credit cards which i went for settlement. I need to remove the same as well from my CIBIL.

Ravi J


Hello Ravi, thanks for the email. Building credit into a great score is something that happens with a lifestyle, not a quick fix. The best way to make sure you have great credit is to use your card for small everyday purchases and pay in full each month. This will establish a pattern of positive repayment history which CIBIL loves.

You mention you have a 10 year old settlement. In many cases settlements ‘fall off’ a credit report after 7 years, but it appears yours has stuck around longer. As long as your CIBIL does not show you owe money on them, then you are OK. If it erroneously shows that you owe but have proof the debt was settled, then you may need to file a dispute resolution at CIBIL to correct the error. If that’s the case, make sure you have all documentation that you have paid.

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