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I Am Debt Free, Why Was I Declined For A Credit Card?

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I have applied for a credit card. But my CIBIL score was not sufficient.. I am not having any loans like personal, business loan, home loan or vehicle loan.. still my CIBIL score is less than 750. I don’t know how it was.. and why it was reduced.. please help me out to check my CIBIL SCORE as well as how to improve my Credit scores…


Hello Ganesh!

I suppose the first question here is, how far below 750 is your score? Being declined at 740 might strike me as odd but 600 is also below 750 and would explain a lot of things. It’s interesting that you have no loans at all but your score is still low. The first thing you should do is read your full CIBIL Report directly from The full report allows you to see individual accounts that may be reporting on your CIBIL file. Perhaps these are old card debts lingering on your file, or debt and late payment listed in error.

Look over your report fully, and if you do discover an error you can dispute it quite easily through the online CIBIL Dispute form. It’s good to look at your full CIBIL report at least once per year. You have have to pay a small fee from CIBIL, but it’s worth it to get to the bottom of why your score is not where you think it should be.

Best of Luck,

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