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I Closed A Personal Loan, Why Is It Still On My CIBIL?

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CIBIL Increases After Loan Closure, But Not Overnight

We get a lot of emails like this one from Vijaykumar asking about the fate of their CIBIL score after paying off a personal loan.

Dear sir /Madam,
Myself Vijaykumar ****** I have closed my personal loan with HDFC bank but bank showing in settlement so I request to you kindly update my CIBIL score.
Vijaykumar *******


Hi Vijay, thanks for your email. CreditSmart provides a CIBIL score estimate, but we are not CIBIL so we have no authority to make changes on your report. That responsibility lies with your lender and CIBIL. Generally when you pay off a loan and close it, the lender notifies CIBIL and updates your file accordingly reflecting your repayment (or lackthereof!). This usually takes 30-35 business days.

If more time than that goes by, you have a few options. First, contact your lender and ask them if they have updated your information on file to closed. If so, then it falls to CIBIL. If your CIBIL report is wrong you can go to and file a dispute to correct the errors on your report. After your provide documents and proof of your repayment or proof the report is wrong, they will amend your report.

Best of Luck,

CreditSmart Staff CreditSmart

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  • All my personal loan and credit card are be settled long bank .but in cibil report imy score is showing very less and i could not able to buy a tv to my home ,pl solve this and increase my cibil score which is now 660 to at least more than 750 and above
    thanking you

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