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Take 48 Days To Pay With IDBI Bank Imperium Card⎜Review

IDBI Bank Imperium Platinum Card Review

Imperium Shines With Amazing Benefits


IDBI Bank’s Imperium Platinum Credit card is designed for providing customers with best services in all aspects possible.  The card offers unrivaled privileges that suit your preferences and lifestyle both in the country and abroad.

The credit card has no joining charges at present. Customers who would like to avail the card can do so by calling customer care at this number: 1800 425 7600 (Toll Free) or approach one of the branches of the bank directly, or follow the button below.


Earn as you spend

ImperiumImperium cardholders can earn IDBI delight points whenever they spend on it. The points can be redeemed in the form of cashbacks deposited in the credit card account. 2 points are added for every INR 150 you spend on the Platinum card and 3 points for each INR 100 you spend on the Signature credit card. You can spend on the credit card, while you dine out, shop and travel or watch movies and receive rewards for spending.

Further IDBI also offers first usage benefits. When you spend on the card within a month or 30 days, you will receive a welcome gift, or gain 400 points on Signature credit card usage between 31 days and 90 days from the time of card issue. The minimum value of transaction accepted for receiving the welcome gift is INR 1500. For Platinum cardholders first usage welcome gift of 500 Delight points and 300 delight points for using the card between 31 and 90 days of the date at which the card was issued is offered.


Credit free of interest

Credit cardholders can enjoy credit use without interest for 48 days on all purchases. Customers can either choose to pay

The entire outstanding amount

Minimum amount that is due

An amount that is higher than the required minimum

Travel efficiently and in luxury

If you are a frequent traveler, you can easily save money on fuel surcharge by using IDBI Bank credit card in fuel stations. Transactions above 400 up to 5000 will get a 2.5% waiver. And the maximum waiver per month is INR 500.

For air travel, IDBI credit card provides insurance cover that is worth 25 lakhs, so cardholders can have peace of mind, while traveling for leisure or business purposes. Cardholders can also make use of lounge facilities in select airports in India.

Shop with ease

The signature and platinum credit cards have wider acceptance. The card can be used with more than 9 lakh traders in India as well as with more than 29 million traders abroad.

Complete security

IDBI Bank Credit Cards offer enhanced security enabling customers to use it without any concern regarding its safe use. The PIN and EMV Chip features ensure high security. In the event of a cardholder losing the credit card, it will be immediately blocked when reported via the customer care number. All transactions will be stopped to prevent misuse of card. Any transactions that occur after the loss is reported will be duly covered by the bank.


IDBI Bank Imperium Platinum is endowed with various privileges and features that are sure to be enjoyed by cardholders. With convenient shopping, travel, and lifestyle benefits owning a credit card from IDBI is certainly a big advantage.

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