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India And Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards

India And Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards

Traveling With An Indian Credit Card

Another email from a reader with an important question about cards for use abroad:

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Hello CreditSmart, 
which Indian credit card is better for use in  Singapore and Malaysia?

India Lagging Behind in Foreign Transaction Fees


Thanks for emailing us at CreditSmart. While nearly every credit card available in India is globally accepted, there are none we can find that offer no foreign transaction fees. That’s normally what travelers would look for in a credit card, but unfortunately India simply hasn’t caught up to offering them. Any card you find will generally charge a 2% fee. Since this is the case, you are most likely better off finding a credit card that rewards you well for your traveling. Perks from such cards will help offset transaction fees. 
You can browse many rewards and travel cards here. 
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