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How To Pick The Right Travel Credit CardAirport lounges form a defining standard for airlines and are an important selling strategy for them. Airlines pull out all stops, when it comes to providing luxurious travel features for their loyal, premium class and frequent fliers. And for those who travel in the economy class, enjoying the airport lounges is not an easy thing, as they have to add on plenty of air miles to their credit, before they are eligible for the feature. But credit cards have changed this with their offer of airport lounge access, which is available on premium level cards. Here are some of the credit cards in India that offer the luxury travel feature.

ICICI Credit Cards

ICICI Bank MasterCard world credit card provides exclusive privilege features, which include access to private yachts, islands, luxury hotels and jets. The card also offers various entertainment, travel and golf benefits, which provide cardholders superior value and advantages that suit their lifestyle. The Priority Pass lounge access feature is provided for ICICI card holders offering features such as,

• Personalized membership card with access to more than 600 airport lounges worldwide

• Unlimited lounge visits for your accompanying guests and yourself

• Complimentary snacks and refreshment

• Access to fax, phone, email, conference rooms and internet access

• Luxurious comfort of VIP lounges in airports irrespective of the airline, class and frequent flyer membership.

Airport lounge access privilege is offered for both Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Complimentary airport lounge access is available with the Coral Visa ICICI Credit Card. Cardholders need to just present their Coral Visa card along with boarding pass to enjoy features including, 2 complimentary lounge visits for one quarter.

Coral MasterCard from ICICI Bank provides cardholders exclusive access to all Indian MasterCard premium airport lounges. The feature makes the prolonged waiting periods at airports a relaxing and pleasant experience. The cardholders can use the feature, while waiting at international and domestic terminals. Advantages offered include maximum of 2 complimentary visits to lounge in a quarter.

HDFC Visa Signature card

HDFC Visa Signature cardholders get some exclusive benefits and features which include:

Signature Access

The Signature Chip Credit feature of HDFC Visa card allows Priority Pass lounge access feature ensuring you can enjoy the lounges in airports present all over the world. Priority Pass lounge access provides access to over 300 cities and over 600 airports worldwide. The feature can be accessed by paying RS.500 per year.


  • Access to more than 500 VIP airport lounges in over 100 countries and over 300 cities globally
  • Complimentary email, conference space, internet and refreshments
  • US $27 for every accompanying guest

SBI Platinum credit card

The SBI Platinum Credit Card comes with various benefits including gift voucher, accelerated reward points and spend rewards, besides the Airport Lounge Access feature. Cardholders can get complimentary membership to Priority Pass feature that is valued at $99. The card also offers access to all national and international Visa lounges. For use of Airport lounge feature, usage fee of $27 is charged on the SBI card for every airport visit.

HSBC Premier Card

HSBC Premier Master Card members can avail Priority Pass membership. which offers lounge access features including:

  • Access to overseas and Indian VIP lounges numbering over 600
  • Two lounge access complimentary feature per year with each worth US$25. For additional lounge access, the charges along with applicable taxes will be charged to the cardholders’ account

Further HSBC also offers MasterCard Lounge Access to its customers that provides features including one entry for a cardholder and maximum of six lounge access complimentary feature in a quarter, which cannot be carried to the next quarter.

Kotak Signature Credit card

Kotak signature card holders can enjoy airport lounges present in India. Signature card holders enjoy benefits including Gourmet meal, newspaper, magazines, widescreen TV, free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating. Unrestricted access to cardholder and accompanying guests for maximum two accesses per quarter is allowed.

As you can see there are various options to choose from, if you are looking for a luxurious and minimal expense airport lounge access. With the lounge access, you can easily spend the tedious waiting time at airports, in a pleasant and luxurious way.

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