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Posh Or Not? IndusInd Bank Signature Card Review

IndusInd Signature Credit Card ReviewIt’s fascinating to see how the banking sectors feature prominently in our modern life. To be fair, it’s the need of the times. And with the rise in banking features, we’re able to exercise our hands on different next gen innovative options.

There was a time when hard cash meant everything. Not now, the era of electronic money is dawning upon us. After all, they’re easy to use, have better options than the mere hard cash and are portable enough. Many pay you for using them. Enough said.

As is the trend of banking cards, we’re spoilt for choices these days. There’s every sort of cards viable in the offerings of banks these days. We’ll look to have our take on one such banking card in our post today.

Read along for the review on IndusInd Bank Signature Card.

The history of IndusInd Bank Signature Card?

  • Having been established in 1994, IndusInd bank has been continuously growing its support system for the customers. They have brought new innovative trends in the banking market.
  • Their current offering of IndusInd Bank Signature Card was launched a couple of years back to offer best in class privileges to the customers.
  • If you’re the one seeking premium lifestyle features, then this card is a must-have for you. It offers the posh features for lifestyle, fine dining, and travel unlike any other card in the market.

Hey, watch out, the benefits and features are coming up.

Rewards and Benefits 

  • An IndusInd Bank Signature Cardholder can avail up to 100% discount on the base fare of Jet Airways.
  • You can enjoy Voucher privileges to 13 different International leading brands.
  • You can satisfy your appetite with the fine dining experience with tantalizing discounts on food bills over major dining restaurants. Time for Bon-appetite then.
  • If you’re a movie enthusiast, then it’s time you upgrade your movie experience with discounts and offers on leading cinemas, BookMyShow, and Sathyam.
  • Going to the spa would definitely be a better experience than with the IndusInd Bank Signature Card. Team up with them to enjoy exclusive discounts.
  • Ah, the sports, how could you leave them out? Fancy a game of golf, tee off at some of the finest of Golf Courses with this Signature Card from IndusInd bank and get access to the highly qualified golf instructors.
  • Talking about rewards, you can accumulate 1.5 reward points for every Rs 100 you spend on your business and leisure activities.

Click here to know more about the rewards terms and conditions.

Features of HDFC Bank MoneyBack Card

The feature list is finally here. Get yourself acquainted with it. 

  • An IndusInd Bank Signature Cardholder has the option to access priority pass over 600 different lounges at exclusive airports around the globe. In fact, you’ll be entitled to special waiver on charges occurred. It’s that something we always want.
  • There’s a small matter of Signature Concierge which shall cover all your concierge services like pre-trip assistance or baggage handling and more.
  • You will be able to enjoy the privilege of 2.5% surcharge waiver on petrol pumps around the nation.
  • You can avail Signature Auto Assist which shall include assistance to everything related to your vehicle. No worries, the next time you have a flat tire or a busted engine.
  • And if there’s any threat or loss of card, then you needn’t worry a nick, you’re protected with Total Protect scheme.
  • Apart from all these, you’re even entitled to Personal Air Accident Cover up to worth Rs 25 lakhs.

Eligibility and Documents 

Well, let’s see if you match out the eligibility criteria. We shall follow it with the required documents along the way. 

  • Eligibility Standard
  • First things first, you need to be an Indian National to apply for the card.
  • You must have attained major age i.e. 18 years.
  • Apart from that, you’d need to have a constant revenue stream with a good credit score.
  • Required Documents for Application
  • KYC-PAN with Address proof of the applicant.
  • One photograph.
  • Identity proof of the applicant.
  • Any income documents showcasing revenue like Form 16 or pay slips or tax returns.

Charges and Expenses

The expenses pattern reveal as follow-

  • 1st year- Rs 9,999.
  • The charges from the 2nd year are Nil.

Conclusive Verdict

If you want to experience the privilege of lavish spending, then opt for IndusInd Bank Signature Card. The posh like features with minimal of joining expenses makes this an irresistible option for any potential applicant. Apply here for the IndusInd Bank Signature Card.


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