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To Infinia and Beyond! Review of HDFC Infinia Credit Card (2017)

To Infinia and Beyond! Review of HDFC Infinia Credit Card (2017)

Review of HDFC Infinia Credit Card

If you are looking for a card that offers premium features that let you and your family enjoy in luxury, the Infinia Card from HDFC is a perfect choice. With infinite spending possibilities and unparalleled features, the card is definitely one to have if you are eligible for it. From elite travel features, exclusive attention and impeccable service to great rewards the card has it all.

The infinia HDFC credit card is a unique offering by the bank designed exclusively for the top tier income group. True to its name, the infinia card provides endless possibilities and features making it one ofthe best ever card in the country. Let us see the reasons as to why it is highly acclaimed and one of the most prestigious cards ever.

Unique features
  • The card is a variant of the Infinite Visa or the World Master Card with 10 Lakhs as the minimum limit on credit.
  • It has a special No Pre-set Spending Limit (NPSL). But a card holder cannot splurge on the spending as some internal limits are fixed, which are influenced by the past credit records of the member.
  • And the EMI feature gives you the freedom to buy anything on the huge credit limit offered without having to worry about financial crunch.
  • Business people can keep funds afloat with the 50-day interest free period offered
  • For quick cash needs the insta Jumbo and insta loan provided on the card offer good rates of interest





For every 150 INR spent on the card, a reward of 5 points is offered. Thus for every one lakh spending done on the card will save INR 3,300 for a card holder. Further online spending on websites including hdfcbank infinia or dining and airvistara sites will give a 2x savings, which amounts to 6,600 INR for a spending of one lakh.

Infinite Worldwide lounge access

The card holder and add-on or supplementary card member can enjoy limitless lounge access anywhere in the world. This is an exclusive offer available with just 2 or 3 Indian credit cards. This saves plenty of money and provides a relaxed travel anytime for you and your family.  The access includes complimentary wi-fi, quick shower facility and luxurious resting place and coffee. Further the card has the lowest ever mark-up fees for foreign currency at 2% making it the best every card you would use abroad.

Personal Concierge and Customer Support

The card has dedicated customer support so any issues you have will be resolved fast. The concierge service offered is a great boon when you travel abroad. Whether it is hotel, taxi or limousine transfer it gets done at the best deals ever.

Other perks

When you travel, you would not need to purchase travel insurance separately. The card provides 1 crore air accident cover and 12 lakh cover for accidental hospitalization abroad. Other benefits offers include waiver on fuel surcharge and no charges on cash up to 40% of the credit limit.

Redemption on Reward Points

The card is the only one to offer redemption of reward points on flight booking, recharge and direct hotel booking via the bank website. The rewards can also be changed as air miles, if you are frequent traveller.

Bottom line

The unique card features topped off by the exclusive features such as personal concierge and lounge access worldwide make the card a highly coveted one. The rewards and redemption too increase the value of the card immensely.  Further the good customer support also adds to the appeal. However approval for the card is not an easy task. You need to consult with the relationship manager at HDFC to find out, if you are eligible for the card.

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