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Kotak Bank Loan Error on CIBIL Report, What To Do?

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Errors On CIBIL Reports Happen Frequently

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From: Nilesh ********** <**********>
Subject: How to solve incorrect updatation

Message Body:
It’s shows that I taken a loan from kotak bank and my performance is very bad. But I do not have any account in kotak bank . How to solve it ??


Hello Nilesh! Unfortunately this happens quite frequently on CIBIL reports. With such a large population and so much data going in and out the doors at CIBIL there are bound to be issues. It’s very frustrating to see errors dragging down your CIBIL because now you have to go out of your way to take steps for correction.

If you see a loan, a credit card, or anything on your CIBIL report that does not apply to you, you need to head over to CIBIL’s Dispute Resolution page.

From there provide all the requested details and CIBIL will open your file and correct any errors. It’s important to provide any documentation you may have to prove your case. Usually this can be completed within 40 days, so get started and get this error off your report.

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