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Enjoy Big Savings With The Kotak Delight Platinum Card Review

Kotak Platinum Delight Review

Cash Back & Free Stuff  With Kotak Delight Platinum Card 

The Kotak Delight Platinum Card offers high amounts of cash back and discount deals with nominal annual fees. If you eat frequently at high-end eateries and want to live the gourmet’s fantasy, you are going to want to read further. Lets go down the line and pick apart what the Kotak Delight will offer you in exchange for your swipes.

Benefits and features 

You can have a rebate of 10% whenever you go out for dinner

When you are billed for more than Rs. 10,000 apart from entertainment and dining within your billing cycle, you receive a 10% of your bill deposited back in your account each month. Wow!

You can access these features whenever you dine in at cafes, pizza places, bistros, and restaurants round the year.

You can get a maximum rebate of 600 INR, which includes dining and entertainment transactions in your consolidated bills of a month.

Film tickets and dining transactions up to 4000 INR are entitled for the offer of cash back, which are credited to your account in the following month.

You get the assured cash back on bill transactions carried out at only selected merchant companies categorized under MCC or merchant category code of ‘restaurant’ as stated by VISA. Easy enough to understand. Lets move onto what they offer in regards to surcharges.


Waving off of additional fuel surcharge 

The Kotak Delight Platinum Card gives you fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% at all fuel stations of India, applicable for all transactions between 400 INR and 4000 INR. You can take benefit of waiver for fuel surcharge for a maximum of 4500 INR in a year.


Ride on, as Kotak waives off of additional railway charges 
  • You can enjoy an extra waiving off of 1.8% railway charge when you book your tickets on You can also waive off 2.5% of the charges when you book your railway tickets at the counter of Indian Railways Bookings using your Kotak Delight Platinum Card. You can take this rebate to a maximum of 500 INR in one year.
Landmark Feature:

When you spend 1,25,000 INR in six months, it can get you four free PVR movie vouchers. You can avail maximum eight free PVR movie tickets yearly, which you can redeem in three months after the program period. It’s always welcome when you get something like this absolutely free for spending money you were already planning to spend.

Security and Other

Delight Shield:

In case your Kotak Delight Platinum Cardis lost or stolen, you can call for a cover of 75,000 INR against fraudulent usage for seven days before reporting. However, it is highly recommended that you report the theft or loss of your card to the customer care and get your card blocked immediately.

Supplementary Card:

The supplementary card of the Kotak Delight Platinum Card is also equipped with all the benefits of your primary card.

You can set a limit of spending on your add- on credit card whenever you wish

You can track the expenses made by the supplementary card.

Documentation and eligibility 

If you want to apply for Kotak Delight Platinum Card, you must be a citizen of India, with a minimum age of 21 years and a maximum age of 65 years. In addition, you cannot assign the add- on credit card to a minor.


Review of Kotak Delight Platinum Card

Kotak Delight Platinum Card is a great card for frequent travelers and diners. This card is an essential friend to keep in your pocket if you like to dine in at premium restaurants, and for people who travel by their own means of transport. You can save thousands of rupees by getting the fuel surcharge waived off.  You can avail the fuel surcharge up to 4,500 INR in an year for transactions ranging between 400 INR and 4,000 INR. They waive the rail surcharges too, all while giving you free movie passes. With no annual fee or joining fee listed on the website, this card just keeps on giving. If you can take advantage of the perks, the Kotak Delight Platinum is a must.

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