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Kotak Silk Inspire Card Review, Credit Exclusively For Women

Kotak Silk Inspire: The Exclusive Women’s Card

Silk Inspire For Women Credit Card ReviewSeldom has a financial organization taken a step to offer privileges entirely for women. But in this world where women have surpassed the social barriers on many fronts, Kotak creates another milestone through their Kotak Silk Inspire customized just for ladies out there.

This ornately designed card with the portrait of a woman, introduced by Kotak Mahindra Bank stands out as it is exclusively for women and launched with a view to make women more financially independent. The card may be availed by any Indian woman without submission of income proof because it’s issued against her fixed deposits held with the bank.

Let’s discover what makes this card unique and convenient for women.


Key Features Include



5x reward points available for every Rs.100 that you spend on clothing. However, the minimum shopping spend is limited to a sum of Rs.7500 in one billing cycle.

•    1 reward point acquired for Rs.200 that you spend for other categories.

•    2.5% waiver on fuel surcharge at any gas station on a pan-India basis.

•    8 PVR tickets for free every year.


You get the grand privilege of the Silk Inspire Shield, an insurance scheme that protects your card up to a limit of Rs 75,000 should it be stolen and fraudulently used.

However, you need to call the customer care service to immediately report the theft once you realize that the card is gone.

It is in addition to the usual EMV chip, PIN or Personal Identification Number, and OTP or One Time Password for online transactions.

A Better Lifestyle

Your Kotak Silk Inspire Card entitles you to enjoy exclusive discounts for fine dining, travel, shopping and other forms of entertainment that the bank offers on its website.

Check these regularly, save money and more importantly, enjoy!

Get An Add-On Card For Your Daughter

Add-on cards

You may gift your daughter, sister or any other female relative or friend an add-on card which comes with all the benefits of your primary card at a minimum fee only. Set the spending limit on the add-on card so that overspending can be avoided. You can also track spends separately.

 Redeem & Win

There are 2 redemption options to choose from:

You can either take 8 transferable and complimentary PVR tickets per year, usable on any day for any show. Your Star Pass Code enables you to the PVR Movie Tickets available online at

You can also accumulate 2000 points in one year that get credited in your next billing cycle. These reward points may be redeemed for air tickets, movie tickets, air miles, mobile recharging and buying branded merchandise.


As a first-time cardholder, you need to pay an initial fee worth Rs. 599 only. The amount gets billed in the 1st statement that you get after acquiring the card. In the subsequent years, the annual fee worth Rs. 599 is chargeable.

However, it shall be waived off if your annual retail spending during the previous year is above Rs1.25 lakhs and will remain the same if you continue to spend as much during subsequent years.

The Verdict:

It can be said in conclusion that the Kotak Silk Inspire Card establishes your rights and exclusivity as a woman. It also serves as a custom made signature note that separates you from the others.

Apply for it here and reap the benefits! It’s a choice you will never regret.

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