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Reader Anish is wondering which card is best for his bachelor lifestyle…

From: Anish <

Subject: What Credit Card should I take

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I’m a bachelor. I have a lifetime free HDFC Regalia Card. There has been a dilution of points that I would receive. Is that an issue or not?
Most of my expenditure (No of transactions) is through wallets (Paytm, freecharge and Amazon) and food home delivery apps. I frequently travel home so 2 per quarter lounge access is insufficient.

Should I take another card?
My eye is on SBI Prime, Simple Click and Citi Premier Miles. Will trying a card and cancelling it in 18 months affect my CIBIL Score

Last 2 year my yearly expenditure has been > 3L. It might drop for the next year because of change in my company’s travel policy.


Honestly, Those Cards Are All Exceptional

Hello Anish! It’s always great to add a new card to your wallet and credit file. It gives you a fresh chance to earn rewards in a new way and adds valuable accounts to your credit profile. The SBI Prime, Simply Click, and CITI Premiere Miles are all wonderful. If you are responsible for booking your own travel for work, then maybe it would make sense to pick up the Premiere Miles from CITI. Otherwise I would lean toward the SBI Prime.

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