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Choosing A No-Annual Fee Card In Mumbai

First of all, thank you to all our wonderful readers who keep sending in credit questions! We are getting so many it’s difficult to keep up, but we are doing our best! Today we have a short email from Ankit who is interested in a no-annual free credit card:


Hi team,

I am Ankit and living in Mumbai. I want to have a credit card (it will be my first credit card) now. I earn over Rs. 50,000 per month. I want a credit card which is free and can be availed easily. Preference will be cashback or rewarding cards. Please help me.



Lets Dive In

Hi Ankit! Good idea to get your first credit card, you can finally start enjoying the free perks and rewards so many millions of us enjoy already! I’ll tell you straight away, usually the best credit cards on the market do in fact have an annual fee. In general, an average spender will more than recoup, and in fact, earn more rewards than with a no-annual fee card.

With that being said, there are still some tremendous no-annual fee credit cards on the market that you will find appealing. Easily the most famous no-annual fee card is the Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards card. There’s a lot of rewards and perks we have covered before, you can check out the full review here, and it will probably be your best choice for overall value.


As for a cash back card,  you would be impressed with the HDFC Money Back card, you can read the details of the cash back structure in our review. It’s quite versatile because you can accumulate rewards points OR use the points towards cash back to pay off your balance.


As usual, if you have a credit question, just send it to Ask CreditSmart!

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