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Medicine For Your Wallet: Review of the HDFC Doctor’s Superia Card

Medicine For Your Wallet: Review of the HDFC Doctor's Superia Card

Review of the HDFC Doctor’s Superia

Credit card providers are constantly in a path of redefining themselves, launching innovative packages aimed at specific target groups. And more often than not, HDFC has been at the forefront of this innovation. The latest in the market is profession-specific credit cards that aim at targeting unorganized professionals that run into the millions in India. The Doctor’s Superia credit card by HDFC is such an attempt to tap into a highly respected and lucrative professional circle by offering those exciting features and benefits and of course allowing them to make a style statement laced in professionalism.


For starters, the HDFC Doctor’s Superia credit card is strictly for doctors, salaried or self-employed. The most remarkable feature of this card is that the individual gets to add the initials “Dr.” along with his name on the card. A brief overview of the benefits and features of the card reeks of a premium professional card which rewards handsomely and is streamlined to fit the requirements of a doctor. Let us delve a bit deeper into this to understand exactly how beneficial the HDFC Doctor’s Superia credit card is for an average doctor.

Features and benefits of the HDFC Doctor’s Superia credit card
  • Joining bonus of 1000 reward points
  • Annual renewal bonus of 1000 reward points
  • 3 reward points on every Rs.150 spent
  • 50% extra when used for dining
  • The reward points thus accumulated can be redeemed for air miles at almost every major international and Indian carrier.  Keep in mind that 100 Reward Points = 30 air miles / Rs. 70 Air Voucher
  • These points can also be redeemed for exciting gifts at selected stores
  • Customer can win an air voucher worth Rs.8000 if they spend over Rs.5 lakh on their card
  • The complimentary Priority Pass membership is an exciting one to have for doctors who fly frequently as this gives them access to more than 600 airport lounges across the globe. In addition to this, they are eligible for free refreshments, internet etc.
  • Card holders are eligible for fuel surcharge waiver for transaction value between Rs 400-5000. However, a cap of Rs.250 per statement is applicable.
  • HDFC Doctor’s Superia credit card is chip-enabled and hence the customer is assured of complete safety.
  • The zero liability on lost / stolen card is another attractive feature that many users will appreciate
  • The HDFC Doctor’s Superia credit card offers 50 days of interest free credit to users.
Fees and other charges

The HDFC Doctor’s Superia credit card comes with a joining fee and annual charge of Rs. 1000. However, both these charges can be waived off provided the user spends Rs. 15,000 in first 90 days of card set-up date (reversal of joining fee) and spends Rs. 1,00,000 in a year prior to renewal date (reversal of renewal fee). This ensures that most individuals who own this card can enjoy its benefits at zero charges.

Further, HDFC offers 3 add-on cards which are lifetime free. Other standard HDFC charges like late payment fee, charges on over limit account, payment return charges, cash processing fee, rewards redemption fee, balance transfer processing charges, outstation cheque processing charge, foreign currency transactions etc apply for the Doctor’s Superia credit card as well.

Bottom line

The HDFC Doctor’s Superia credit card is aimed specifically at doctors and its features & benefits seems to be tailor-made to meet the requirements of doctors. On the reward front, there are definitely other cards that are beneficial. But it rewards you extra for dining. The airport lounge access and conversion to air miles is certainly beneficial to frequent flyers. Also, joining and renewal fees can be completely waived off provided you make sufficient transactions. On top of it all, it allows you to add the initials Dr. to your name, and in our honest opinion, that is all what it takes to bring doctors on board! Doctors can apply here.

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