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Mistaken Identity Is Common Cause For A Low CIBIL Score

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Brother’s Battling With CIBIL Confusion

We received this email recently from a reader who is the victim of a rather unique case of mistaken identity which has caused him and his brother’s CIBIL score to be much lower than it should be. Check out the situation from reader Saurav.


From: Saurav ******** <****************>


I should have atleast 850 cibil score and the reason is I have never ever done any late or incomplete credit card payment , so far in my life I have taken two bank loans and that also was paid completely before time even there is one Hdfc jumbo loan just started this month that also I ll take care on time so wats the reason for less ratings . Now I can tell you the reason for low score – I have my twin brother named G***** K****** his date of birth and permanent address is same as mine that is why I have seen all his contact nos ,bank accounts, email Id and one loan are reflecting in my cibil records very clearly infact instead of my his name is reflecting so that might be the reason that both of we brothers have bad score because details are mismatch as we are twins but it’s not our fault at all , kindly help me how to solve this problem ? Lemme tell you honestly me and my brother we both should have best full cibil score because we both have never ever broken any bank compliance if even a single rule is not due on us we have always paid dues even before time so we don’t have even single ruppee due of anyone . Kindly intervene and help , improve my incorrect cibil score


Filing A Dispute Online

Hello Saurav, I’m sorry to hear about your very strange and difficult issue. Unfortunately this is beyond what we at CreditSmart can help you with directly, the best we can do is point you in the right direction. First thing you should do is gather all relevant documents, proof of payments, loans, ID, etc. Have everything handy so you won’t have to dig for it if CIBIL asks.

Next you and your brother should each file a CIBIL dispute at and get the ball rolling on sorting this out. If what you say is true then CIBIL should have no problem in correcting the errors found in your report, generally within 30 to 35 days. I wish you the best of luck in this getting sorted quickly and easily for you, and I will post your story on our blog so perhaps CIBIL can reach out and to help others who may be in a similar situation.

Best Of Luck!,

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