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My Credit Card Is Blocked, How Do I Reactivate It?

My Credit Card Is Blocked, How Do I Reactivate It?

Cards Can Be Blocked For Many, Many Reasons

Yesterday we got an email from reader Udaya who has some issues with a Bajaj Finserv credit card account.


From: Udaya <***************>
Subject: bajajfin card blocked.

Message Body:
My cibil score is 722 due to which my bajaj emi card is blocked
How to reactivate.

Hello Udaya,

First of all, I have good news! 722 is certainly a respectable CIBIL score, so you need not worry too much this negatively effecting your score right now. As for your issue with your Bajaj Emi Card, there could be any number of reasons why it was blocked, we here at CreditSmart have no way to find out why. This is an issue you would have to deal with directly at Bajaj.

Some of the most common reasons it could have been blocked are perhaps they detected unusual activity on your account and blocked it as a precaution, or perhaps you have unintentionally gone over your credit card limit. This could also happen from erroneous charges. In this case it’s best for you to simply call Bajaj Finserv and they will be glad to sort this out for you.

Best of Luck,

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