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Negative Credit Events, Not Your Name, Fall Off Credit Reports After 7 Years

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Seven Years Is Usual In The Credit World

From: Pawan B******* <b***********>
Subject: Cibil score

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It’s more then 10 years yet my name is there in cibil report.I have heard that after 7 yrs the name is removed automatically


You Will Always Have A CIBIL File

Hi Pawan! Thanks for your email. You have the right idea but are a little confused about what actually gets removed from CIBIL. Your name itself will never be removed from CIBIL, you will always have a CIBIL report – and that’s a good thing. It’s important to maintain your credit year to year, and part of that is making sure old credit events such as defaults or charge-offs get removed.

Although there are exceptions, in most cases a negative credit event like that will ‘fall off’ your CIBIL report after 7 years. This is a good thing as a financial setback of the past will not continue to haunt you forever, and gives you a clean slate of sorts to get your credit in order.

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