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Netflix Lands In India Only If You Have A Credit Card

Netflix India -

India Can Begin Streaming Netflix If They Have Credit

The world-famous streaming video service from U.S.A. has made landfall in India. Whether they finally saw our worth as a growing modern market familiar with English and Hollywood or if they simply wanted to wing it and see if India can make them a tad more famous than other video streaming portals out there, we don’t know enough to tell.

Fact is Netflix is awesome, beyond so. With a credit card, you can watch anything and everything under the showbiz sun, streamed in supreme quality, with no lag issues, and at ridiculously reasonable prices. All you need is a credit card, which brings us to your CIBIL score rating.

  • Are you eligible for a credit card? Your credit history will make it plain. Get your free once-a-year-copy and take a look.
  • Any EMIs outstanding? Payment defaults? Your job not getting you enough yearly income to meet the credit card requirements?
  • These queries and more will determine if you can take even loan applications out. Take expert advice to alleviate debt, make it work so you can live the lifestyle you want and do the things you have always desired.

This brings us back to one tiny portion of the lifestyle pie, namely Netflix. This fully online portal contains marvels that you will not find via ‘technically’ illegal download options like torrents. It even saves you time and money. Remember that with torrents you are still paying your internet service provider. It will take a lot of time to find a certain torrent let alone the print-quality you want of a certain show or movie. Often, you will be restricted access to that website.

Ready To Get Your First Credit Card Of 2016?

With Netflix, you pay a reasonable subscription based on the package of your choice; in fact, you also get a free trial run. Afterwards, the entertainment world is your playground, no restrictions, no lag, no low quality only HD, and all the shows and movies ever made.

  • Netflix does not accommodate all debit cards. However, all credit cards are acceptable.
  • Your bandwidth allowance, internet provider choice, and location can affect HD quality. But almost always, you get the best that Netflix can give.
  • It works on a Windows or Mac OS. Sign up for an account, and get started.
  • There is an app in addition to the website. You can use either via any device that has internet-wielding capabilities. This includes tablet, phone, and Blu-Ray or DVD player, computer of course, home theatre system, gaming console, and set-top box.
  • Cost structure: Basic at INR 500, Standard at INR 650, and Premium at INR 800.
  • No commercials or interruptions unless the power fails or there is a natural disaster on the way.
  • You can play with all the classic options: start, stop, fast-forward, and rewind. Netflix auto-saves your progress with shows and movies so you can pick up where you left off; after killing the relatives who came unannounced.
  • Netflix recommends similar shows and movies based on your viewing history so you do not have to sit there and search through their vast database for the kinds of stuff you may like to see.

Talk to your bank, see how you can go about getting yourself a credit card for use only on Netflix; they might be open to the possibility because you may pay those low Netflix subscription rates on time. You never know until you try. The world of near-infinite entertainment awaits.

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