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Why You Should Never Travel Without a Credit Card

Why You Should Never Travel Without a Credit Card

Modern Travel in 2017 Requires A Credit Card

The SimplyClick Card From SBI ⎢2017 ReviewThere are many things that you must pack while going on a vacation. Yes your phone, clothes, sunglasses, money, passport, and travel documents, all that is important, but there is one other thing that you never must travel without. It is your credit card(s).

Credit cards can make your travelling much easier and enjoyable. This is because they offer a lot of travel benefits to people, which many people are ignorant of. They also provide the security and convenience to spend your money anytime and anywhere. Rather than taking a huge amount of money with you, you can simply use your credit card to purchase anything that you want to.

Credit cards are safer to move around with as compared to cash, particularly when you are exchanging money. Moreover, you get reward points on credit cards, when you spend on your vacation. Plus, different credit cards provide different types of insurance benefits, particularly when you book your flights through your beloved plastic. Ensure that before you travel, you inform your credit card issuer that you are travelling abroad.

Moreover, make sure that you carry a MasterCard or Visa credit card with you, as some of the credit cards such as American Express are not accepted everywhere. MasterCard or Visa credit cards are accepted globally. So, let us look at some of the reasons as to why you should never travel without a credit card.

1. Automatic insurance

You can get automatic insurance on your trip for which you do not even have to pay. Credit card issuers generally insure various travel incidents for which you just have to use their credit card to pay your expenses. For example, MasterCard reimburses their credit cardholders for the stolen property from their hotel room, if they booked their hotel with a MasterCard credit card.

Other than this, incidents like lost baggage, rental-car collision, trip cancellation, etc. are also covered by credit cards. Scrutinize into the policy of your credit card company, if you want to know about some specific insurance.

2. Global concierge service

Many credit cards offer round the clock concierge services worldwide, which makes travelling easier for credit cardholders. You can get assistance with just a phone call. No matter what kind of help it is, whether you want to reserve a restaurant, buy a ticket, or book a hotel, you just need to dial the hotline of your credit card firm. This number is generally given at the back of the credit card. Different credit cards offer different types of services and premium credit cards offer extra concierge features.

3. Roadside assistance

You can get instant roadside assistance with your credit card. You just need to call your credit card company on the number given at the back of your plastic and a customer service representative will arrange things like tire change, towing, gas delivery, jump-starts, etc. for you. The fees for roadside assistance depend on various factors, such as the location where you need the service and the credit card type you possess.

These are some of the reasons which tell you why you should take your credit card with you while you travel. So, make the most of these travel benefits by taking your credit card with you whenever you travel.

However, make sure that you keep your credit card safely in your hotel room in case you are going out on a drink and you cannot control yourself. But, if you can, then well go ahead and take it with you. Make sure that you carry atleast two credit cards with you whenever you travel, so that if you max out the limit or lost one of them, then you can use the other one and report to your bank about the lost one.

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