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What To Do When An Old Credit Card Account Is Hurting Your CIBIL

Make Sure An Old Credit Card Does Not Haunt You


Dear CreditSmart,
I am having ICICI credit card with credit Limit 21000,after last payment in 2010 my current total outstanding due Rs.39671/= . I have so many card and all settled and close in year 2010 except ICICI. what to do next to improve my cibil and all my credit history gone in year 2017? Please guide



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twitter-sizeHi Sanjeev, thanks for your email! OK, so you say your other cards were settled and closed back in 2010. The most obvious solution here is to settle the ICICI card account as well. I know this is sometimes easier said than done, but the truth is as long as you are showing this outstanding negative item on your CIBIL report, your score will not reach it’s maximum potential. The fact you paid off multiple other cards is fantastic. You certainly improved your CIBIL a bit with each old account you paid off. CIBIL has a great memory though, they are not just going to forget and overlook the ICICI account. Until it is paid, it will have some impact on your score.

But keep your chin up. 2017 can be the year you finally clean your CIBIL history for good, but the negative items will not just disappear like magic. At this point your best and only course of action is to contact ICICI and work out a payment plan to finally satisfy the debt. If you pay this card off, it would take 3-6 months before you would see a meaningful CIBIL score increase. Following that, you will see incremental score increases each month your CIBIL report shows on time payments with no negative marks.

Best of luck in working with ICICI to get this debt paid once and for all, and may 2017 be the year your CIBIL achieves a clean slate!


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