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Our New Free CIBIL Score Calculator Tool Has Launched!

Free CIBIL Score Calculator ToolAre you ready to check your estimated CIBIL score for Free? Now you can with our new online free CIBIL score calculator. This fantastic tool can give you an accurate estimate of your actual CIBIL score in just a few minutes, and without entering any personal information. It’s quite simple really, just answer a few questions about your credit history such as number of credit card accounts currently open, number of late payments, number of years you’ve had a credit history, any auto loans, etc. Using our formula we can calculate based on your answers exactly what your credit score would be. This is also a great tool to enter information for a credit profile you expect to have in the future. You can see what your credit score would be like if you had two auto loans, or used a larger percentage of your available credit.
I encourage everyone to try our Free CIBIL Score Calculator and share your score in our Forums. Take a moment and explain a bit about your credit history and tell others how you achieved your score. The Forums can be a very valuable resource for people seeking to improve their credit scores. Real stories from other’s failures and successes can help everyone improve. We look forward to your participation!


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