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Jet Airways IndusInd Voyage Card ReviewDifferent people use credit cards for different things. Some may use them for their cash back rewards, some may use them for getting discounts on specific thing, and many others use them for travelling. Among these things, travelling is one of the main reasons why people use credit cards. Seeing this, credit card issuers offer different travel credit cards in order to satiate the travel freak in most of their customers.

These travel cards offer reward points on different categories that can be redeemed for hotels, hard cash, or airfares. And, in order to bring in more and more customers, credit card agencies partner with several travel brands and entice clients by providing them with loyalty points, sing up bonuses, special discounts, and much more. And when you use these cards, you get lots of benefits, including free hotel rooms, air tickets, cash back, and even full vacations.

Moreover, there are a plethora of travel credit cards available in the market. So, the difficult thing is how to choose the best travel credit card for yourself among so many. How would you differentiate one travel card from the other and select the best one.

What you should seek in a travel credit card

1. A huge sign up bonus

This is the first thing that you must look before going for a travel credit card, that is its sign up bonus. After all, you want to start earning your rewards as soon as you apply for the card and jumpstart your mileage account. Sign up bonuses are great as they give you instant balance of thousand points for just a little work.

These bonuses work when you spend a minimum amount of money within a specified time period, which is usually 3 months, or you have to make a single purchase. Then, as per your card, you get to earn somewhere between 1 to 5 reward points per dollar that you spent with your card. So, sign up for a card that offers a huge sign up bonus, otherwise do not apply for it.

2. Spending bonus in added categories

Almost all cards offer one reward point for one dollar that you spend on other things with your card. However, some credit card issuers offer extra reward points when you spend at particular retailers or if the card is a branded one then at a specific brand.

Therefore, credit cards that offer more than one reward points are worth taking and are better over others. This way you can earn your points more quickly, with two to three reward points every time you spend a dollar.

3. Low minimum spending

In order to earn bonus points with your credit card, you need to spend a minimum amount of money. Therefore, you must choose a card that offers a low minimum spending limit that you have to spend in a 3 to 6 month period. You can also go for cards that offer you bonus points by just making a single purchase.

You can rack up your reward points through everyday spending. Although, high minimum spending cards offer substantial rewards, if you are just starting with your first travel credit card, then such cards must be avoided. You can later on go for high minimum spending cards, when you feel that you can meet their minimum spends.

4. Special perks

Many travel credit cards offer special perks, such as elite loyalty status, free checked baggage, free nights, priority boarding, and many other perks. In addition, there are cards that do not charge any foreign transaction fees. So, choose a card that has all or at least some of the other perks, because only miles are not enough for your travelling budget, other things can also help you to travel smartly.

Know your goal

The last thing is to know your goal. This means that you must evaluate what type of travel rewards you want the most from your travel credit card. Is it your loyalty towards a brand, avoiding fees, or free rewards? Are you interested in airline miles, hotel stays, or anything else? By focusing what you want out of your card, you can capitalize on your short-term travel goals and know more about travel hacking.

So, now that you know how to choose a travel credit card, you can travel the world in style and without spending much money, by taking advantage of your travel credit card and choosing the best one amidst the crowd.


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