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Ask CreditSmart: Will Purchasing My CIBIL Report Decrease My Score?

Ask CreditSmart Improving India's Credit EverydayAs always, if you have a credit question, just send it to! Here’s an email we just got from a reader named Dhanraj:



Dear Sir,

1) I want to ask to you if i am purchasing in our own CIBIL score will CIBIL score will be decreases ?

2) In which date cibil score per month update ?



Greetings Dhanraj!

Thanks for your email, we’re glad to answer your question. In a word, no. Purchasing your own full CIBIL report through will not decrease your CIBIL score. Only inquries into your CIBIL report from lenders will have any impact on your score. So feel free to get your full report!

Secondly, CIBIL does not update individual files on a certain day, in fact information on your report may be updated several times a month. It’s constantly updating to stay current to any changes.


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