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RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card: A Refined Experience⎜Review

RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card: A Refined Experience⎜Review

 RBL Platinum Delight Is Exactly That

What do you look for in a credit card when you wish to get one? The answer is simple.

It is security, benefits, discounts, cash backs and rewards that serve the card’s real purpose and leaves the customer satisfied at the end of the day. The Platinum Delight Credit Card issued by RBL is one such complete package that offers all the benefits mentioned above and features that inevitably lead to a refined card experience.

When every other bank comes out with their credit cards with little benefits, RBL Platinum stands out with its customer centric approach and incredible rewards.

Security is the Key And You Don’t Have to Worry About It!

Given the recent spurt in fraudulent transactions made through stolen and lost credit cards globally, RBL has taken the following extra precautions to ensure that your card is extra secure to offer your mental peace, no matter where you are. The security enhancements include:

• Installation of an EMV chip which is PIN based that prevents a fraudulent transaction from taking place if the right PIN number is unknown to the fraudster.

• Additional protection by way of PIN or Personal Identification Number (PIN) that reinforces the security angle.

• Absolute protection during online transactions by way of an OTP or One Time Password that gets transmitted to your mobile phone or registered email ID and which is usable only once.

• Should you lose your card, claim zero liability by informing the 24×7 customer support system operated by RBL.

Features To Enjoy

Pay in Installments

Any transaction more than Rs. 5,000 is convertible into monthly EMIs. RBL runs the Split n’ Pay Program for this convenient way of paying back.

Balance Transfers Available

You also have the additional privilege of transferring your other card balances to this card to pay off in suitable EMIs. You do not need to keep track of all the paybacks and dates anymore.

Control Credit Card Spending

The option for fixing your card purchase limits is also readily available. Just contact the RBL customer support service which operates 24×7 and communicate the limit of expenditure you prefer. It will be recorded instantly and keep your spending in control.

•    Set different spend limits on add-on cards if you wish.

Comes With Incredible Support As Well

Be informed

Every card transaction is reported to you instantly via SMS and email, thus affording greater security and control. You get instant alerts and notifications delivered to you in the case of any activity related to your account.

Get Supported 24×7

RBL’s user-friendly Net-based banking option helps you keep perpetual tabs on your credit card activities. You may access your card account, view pending and paid bills, card statements and also ask for balance transfers 24 X 7; anytime, anywhere.

Worldwide Acceptance

Transcending the borders and boundaries, RBL Bank’s Platinum Delight Credit Card puts the world in your wallet. It’s acceptable to over 1 million Indian merchant outlets affiliated to MasterCard as also close to 25 million outlets over the world.

  • Make purchases using any foreign currency while paying back later in Indian rupees.
  • Liquid cash is also available from any ATM that’s Cirrus / MasterCard or Maestro-marked.

Annual Fees

In the first year you pay Rs 4000 and 40.8% per year after that. Fees for the 2nd year is waived off if your spend is Rs. 1.5 Lakhs or more during the previous calendar year.

Fantastic Rewards
  • 2 reward points per Rs. 100 that you spend on purchases.
  • Monthly Bonus Points — Swipe the card five times in one month for transactions of Rs. 1,000/- at least and get 1,000 bonus points each month.
  • 12,000 bonus points per annum are redeemable for gifts of your choice at
  • Win double points on weekend spends.
  • Get savings and 0% fuel surcharge at petrol pumps over India

Apply at

RBL Platinum delight credit card is the best option when you are thinking of getting a credit card.

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